Aroma Oil Collection

A perfect blend of natural essences and fragrance notes.

Our scents are so real – you will be amazed. The aroma oil range includes scents of tropical blooms, scents of ‘home’ & designer fragrances.¬† Use just one drop in a diffuser to change your space – and your day!

The Water Soluble range is perfect for toiletry products – add a drop to a diffuser, in the bath or to a spritz bottle for instant happy.


Coconut Almond Vanilla Aroma Oil

Almond, Coconut & Vanilla 30ml


Amber and Vanilla Aroma Oil for diffusers

Amber & Vanilla 30ml


Raspberry & Vanilla Diffuser Oil

Asian Pear & White Lily 30ml


Raspberry & Vanilla DiffuserOil

Black Raspberry & Vanilla 30ml


Coco Mango Aroma Oil

Coco Mango 30ml


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champagne scented aroma oil

Coconut & Lemongrass 30ml


champagne scented aroma oil

Champagne & Berries 30ml


Cranberry & Apple Aroma Oil

Cranberry & Apple 30ml


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Coffee diffuser oil

Columbian Coffee 30ml


Cucumber Melon Aroma Oil

Cucumber Melon 30ml


Freesia Aroma Oil

Freesia 30ml


French Vanilla aroma oil

French Vanilla 30ml


frangipani scented aroma oil

Frangipani Lei 30ml


Frangipani Aroma Oil

Frangipani Pure 30ml


Aroma oil tropical trio

Tropical Trio Pack


gardenia diffuser oil

Gardenia 30ml


Gingerbread diffuser oil

Gingerbread 30ml


Diffuser Gift Set NZ

Select Your Diffuser & Aroma Oils.


Honeysuckle Rose Aroma Oil

Top notes of pink rose with notes of apple, neroli & ylang ylang

Honeysuckle Rose 30ml


diffuser oil

Home Sweet Home 30ml


Island Orchid Aroma Oil

Island Orchid 30ml


aroma oil lavender

Lavender 30ml




Tropical flowers aroma oil

Paradise 30ml


Passionfruit & Nectarine Aroma Oil

Passionfruit & Nectarine 30ml


peony & plum aroma oil

Peony 30ml


jasmine aroma oil

Pink Jasmine 30ml


Diffuser and Oil Gift Set

Alpine Gift


Rose Aroma Oil

Rose Petals 30ml


sweet pea aroma oil

Sweet Pea 30ml


diffuser and oils set

Aroma Value – Diffuser & 6 Aroma Oils


Sweet Pea & Jasmine Aroma Oil

Sweet Pea & Jasmine 30ml


Vanilla Aroma Oil

Vanilla 30ml


Vanilla Pear Aroma Oil - fresh pears poaching in vanilla syrup - this is the smell of home we would love to remember. Rich, warm, welcoming.

Vanilla Pear 30ml


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pumpkin pie scent nz

Wonderful scents of home baked sweet spicy pie in a delicious crispy crust!

Pumpkin Pie 30ml


Diffuser and oils set nz

Aroma Starter Set Diffuser & 2 Oils


jasmine and mint aroma oil

White Jasmine & Mint 30ml


essential oil diffuser set
Smoke & Odor Eliminator 30ml


perfume scents

Perfume Aroma Oils

Beautiful scents modeled on well known perfumes.

Water Soluble Aroma Oil

Water Soluble Aroma Oils

Amazing scents that dissolve completely in water.

About Our Aroma Oils

We came across the Baliba Aroma Oils when we were searching for scented products for our two retail Beauty Clinics. From the very first scent (Passionfruit & Nectarine), we were so impressed that we increased the range of Aroma Oils and then the scented products. We introduced Foaming Bath Milk, Incense, Shampoo, Soy Candles & Melts. All of the products were so well received by our customers that we then extended to Flavoured Oils for Lip Balms and Essential Oils for Massage Oils. These were also well received. The most recent addition – the Aroma Mists are sensational. Possibly one of the best products ever.

On selling our retail businesses in 2015, we retained just the core Aroma Oil range and started to market it online. Many of our customers repurchase again and again.

During 2019, we focused on improved product packaging.

Early 2020, we started recycling cartons to reduce waste and create a more sustainable option for the Baliba brand – then added Wildflower Seeds to the packaging, creating our first Plantable Packaging option for Aroma Oils, Water Soluble Oils & Essential Oils.

We hope you enjoy – we are confident you will!