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Diffuser Troubleshooting
If your diffuser is not producing vapour and you have the water chamber full of water, first try tipping some of the water out – overfilled water chambers do not function optimally.

If you have used heavy oils, you may need to clean your diffuser before it will work optimally. You can do this with IPA (isapropyl alcohol) swabs or an IPA spray, or just use half a squirt of liquid handsoap and wash the interior of the water chamber. Rinse with water before using again.

Take care during the rinsing process to unplug the unit from the power and not to tip rinsing water out on the side with the electric insert!

If you are having trouble opening the diffuser, clean the rimĀ  a cloth with soapy water. If you’ve left a drop of oil on it before closing, it can cause the lid to stick. Cleaning the rim should resolve this problem easily.

If you have dropped your diffuser, it may have damaged the circuitry, so please carry carefully while wet. It’s better to bring the water to the unit that to take the unit to the water!