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Essential Oil Collection

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Essential Oil Collection

Essential oils are pure, natural fragrances – and lots of people enjoy them purely for their perfume, but they are in fact powerful phyto chemicals, each delivering its own wellness properties to your space. Essential Oils should be diffused for up to 3 hours at a time. They will enter your system within seconds and fully manifest within an hour. We offer a basic essential oils training, so you can learn how to use your oils & blend confidently. We’ve used essential oil blends in our healing products. It’s easy when you know how.

Essential Oil Sets & Bundles

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Properties of each oil morph when blended with other oils, much as we change our own character when mixing with certain people, so also do oils dial-up or down elements of their characteristics when in combination. The more you discover, the more fascinating it is!

How Essential Oils Work

As a brief summary of how essential oils work, they are absorbed into the human body through our olfactory system (sense of smell). The olfactory system interacts with the part of our brain that is responsible for emotions and memories. Different smells can trigger powerful emotional responses based on childhood memories. The way our brain is wired, emotions & attitudes can be impacted in part by specific scents and combinations of scents.

The fragrance industry has long used the power of essential oils, building layers of fragrance on top of them (much in the way aroma oils have been constructed).

Essential oils are in effect the essence of their source plant, extracted in one of three ways. It takes a LOT of flower heads or leaves to make a drop of essential oil. Plants and flowers use their secreted scents to attract insects for pollination – and to detract insects and other plants that may be detrimental to their environment. It’s how flowers and plants communicate.

Essential oils communicate with us also, if we learn the listen. The first step is understanding the properties of some of the oils – and how they can complement each other in a blend.

Before too long, you’ll see how this works for you in creating the space of relaxation, or productivity, or calmness – or meditative concentration. It’s fascinating.

Essential oils are way more than nice smells – if you allow them to be.

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Relaxing Spa Treatments With Essential Oils

Set aside 30 or 40 minutes to relax and enjoy the full benefits of essential oils – either for their lovely scents, or for the benefit of their amazing properties.