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Moringa Healing Lotion Sensitive Skin (Fragrance Free)


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Moringa Healing Lotion hydrates dry, thinning skin, provides superior nutrition and ongoing protection from itching & dry skin. 

Moringa Healing Lotion is fantastic for dry skin at all ages. This version is fragrance free and has no nut based oils. It is suitable for all skin types, but has been formulated for babies and sensitive or reactive skin.

Large 250g bottle.

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Moringa Healing Lotion Sensitive Skin 250ml

Fragrance Free – suitable for very dry & itchy skin at all ages – particularly well suited to mature skin.

100% natural ingredients, with primary ingredient being Moringa Oil from the Moringa Tree – also known as the Miracle Tree.

Moringa Healing Lotion has been designed as a follow on maintenance lotion for people who have healed inflamed skin and improved the integrity of you skin’s barrier function with Moringa Healing Balm, Moringa Healing Salve or Moringa Healing Serum. This product is also idea for people who have revived scaly dry skin with SSS Intense Hydration Cream and are looking for a follow up product to use on an everyday basis preventing dry skin.

The large 250ml bottle should last for almost 3 months if used twice daily, as directed. You will love how your skin looks and feels and enjoy the beautiful essential oil fragrance (it’s totally habit forming!).

Because of the high nutrient content of primary ingredients moringa oil, the lotion will literally be nourishing your body with essential nutrients and vitamins all day long. This is ideal for every person, but perfect for older people and women in menopausal years.

Moringa oil is rich in the following essential nutrients (all bio available trans dermally):

  • Vitamins B3, B6, B12 (the soothing vitamins)
  • Vitamin C (the protecting vitamin)
  • Vitamin A (the repair and heal vitamin)
  • Vitamin D (many important functions including providing anti inflammatory & neuroprotective support)
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Iodine
  • Anti Inflammatories

Many of the above assist with estrogen production for menopausal women, helping support calmness.

Moringa Healing Lotion also has MSM – an anti inflammatory support agent that helps with collagen synthesis & immune support.

The version has been formulated for sensitive skin and is fragrance free, with no nut oils.

Full ingredient listing: moringa extract, glycerin, MSM, moringa Oil, shea butter, Olivem 1000, cetyl alcohol, disodium EDTA, Vitamin E, preservative.

Baliba Aroma Oils
Baliba Aroma Oils
223 Google reviews
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith
Really pleased with this product The healing balm worked where prescribed medication didn't, after 2 days, no more itchy skin. Have been using the shea butter on ankle post surgery for swelling and tightness. It is so soothing. Just love that it is all natural.
Judith Griffiths
Judith Griffiths
Lovely product. Very happy
Emma Donkin
Emma Donkin
Fantastic hydration, a little goes a long way. My new ‘go to’!!
Marion Boakes
Marion Boakes
It is very gentle and at first it seems nothing has changed, but, after a few days you realise that the itch is losing intensity and fading away! Vundahbah!
Rahira Elers
Rahira Elers
I ordered the Baliba Moringa Healing Balm or salve and Baliba Moringa Healing serum as I had open itchy bed sore wound rash on bottom for months. District nurse would wipe and apply dressings. I applied the healing Serum twice and nurse came all healed and took photo and I have a photo because it’s in a personal area I can’t show it.thank you so much, I call it a miracle serum and ordering another.🙏
Tina Switalla
Tina Switalla
I suffer from Seborreic Dermatitis and recently I had a major flare. Admittedly I was skeptical about ordering a product online but I have to say it is a game changer. I pop the Moringa Salve on before bed and again in the morning and it really keeps the inflammation at bay.
Karen Hornby
Karen Hornby
My grandson has had bad excema since he was very young. Had very dry itchy skin all of the time. We tried so many different products but only this has had a lasting affect on his skin. It is not dry or itchy anymore. It is so good to see my grandson not scratching his itchy legs and arms all the time. The balm will last along time as we only need to use a little each time. Also he doesn't mind having it put on him because it doesn't hurt his skin like some other products have.. This Baliba is absolutely wonderful. It has worked very well for us. My grandsons skin was always very red and imflammed. Now it is good.
Stephen Newbold
Stephen Newbold
What an awesome services fast and well pack. My husband tried it and I tried it too. Very happy of the result so far and I know it's going to make a difference mainly for my husband that's the reason why we bought it. Thank you Baliba team.

Moringa Healing Lotion – Backstory.

Here’s the backstory for Baliba Healing Lotion.

Moringa Healing Balm, Moriga Healing Salve, Moringa Healing Serum and SSS Intense Hydration Cream are all fabulous products for correcting inflammation, retoring hydration and enabling a healthier skin.

However, all are oil based products, and come in relatively small containers, so don’t last long.

Given that these products had been created to restore health to compromised skin (and reduce ‘acute’ situations, it made sense to add a product that provides ongoing support – ensuring the original inflamed situation does not reoccur.

It also made sense to create a product that is bother longer lasting (and this more cost effective) and faster absorbing.

And here it is! A really beautiful lotion with high quality, high nutrition ingredients (all natural).

it just makes sense to feed your body via the skin & feel better – every day.

This fragrance free version has no nut based oils and is fragrance free – it has been added to the Collection by special request.