Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil 10ml

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Botanical name Origanum Marjorana

Country of Origin USA

Marjoram essential oil is warming and is often used for relaxing and reducing anxiety. This essential oil is steam distilled from the flower heads from the marjoram plant. Along with Ginger Root essential oil, this is another excellent massage oil for use when tired aching muscles need deeper relaxation to enable a deeper sleep.

Marjoram can also be used in a diffuser to enable deep sleep and reduction of ‘restless mind’ due to worry or anxiety.

Some fabulous blends including marjoram include:

  • Lavender marjoram & mandarin for headaches & migraines
  • Bergamot, lavender, frankincnse & marjoram for a deeper more restful sleep
  • Marjoram, ginger & frankincense for grief related anxiety
  • Marjoram, mandarin & lime for worry related restlessness.

NOTE: Do not use marjoram essential oil while pregnant, or around young infants.

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Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

Botanical name Origanum Marjorana

Country of Origin USA

Avoid if pregnant and do not use around infants

Harmful if swallowed

Keep away from eyes

Store in a cool place

Keep away from children

Essential Oils are naturally occurring compounds found in bark, flowers, roots, stems, peel and other parts of flowers and plants. Oils are extracted from their natural sources using a number of different methods. Essential oils have therapeutic properties that can affect and enhance wellbeing. Some essential oils should not be used around pregnant women or young children or pets. Those oils will be clearly noted as such on this website.