What is Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) and How Can It Be Treated?

TSW stands for Topical Steroid Withdrawal.

It’s a horrible situation that occurs when you stop using topical steroids.

Topical steroids are medical creams frequently prescribed by doctors for itchy, inflamed skin.

They stop skin itching by masking symptoms.

However, topical steroids do not resolve the reason for the itching and in doing so overĀ  a period of time, topically applied medium to strong steroids also destroy your skin’s barrier function.

If you apply a steroid cream and it stings on application, you are very likely to get TSW if/when you stop using the cream.

Essentially, inflammation causing the itching has been managed but not resolved, and the skin’s barrier has been compromised.

Stopping with the topical steroid leaves you with the inflammation and less protection than you had before commencing treatment wth steroid cream.

The inflammation and the itching runs wild and free. You have very few good choices at this point.

It’s truly awful when the patient is a young child.

TSW can rage on for months – even up to a year, flaring regularly.

Is there an alternative to topical steroids to avoid TSW?

Happily, yes there is – our Moringa Healing Products not only help reduce itching and inflammation of all kinds, the products also help manage TSW and repair the skin’s barrier.

The healing power of Moringa is astounding. Moringa delivers over 90 nutrients to the skin and body, some of which are vital to cellular healing (and some that are vital for every day health).

As soon as you start applying Moringa Healing Products to your skin, the barrier function begins to repair.

It takes the skin 60 days to regenerate itself – a little longer in elderly people, so it’s not an overnight fix, but generally itching is under control quickly.

Treating TSW with Moringa Healing Products

The only way to avoid TSW is to wean yourself off the steroid cream.

Begin using Moringa Healing Balm, Salve or Serum several times per day – introducing it alongside your steroid cream.

Apply your Moringa Healing Product at the same time as your steroid cream as well as during the day initially. As a guide, apply when the itching starts. This will feel like it’s all day iniitally if you have TSW, but it will reduce over the first few days. Remember – you have an out of control situation.

Once you feel your skin is beginning to get stronger and isn’t as urgently itchy as frequently, skip ONE steroid cream application – using your Moringa Healing Product in its place on that one occasion. Maintain the regularity of application during the day in accordance with the itchiness.

Return to your previous routine for a few days longer (including your steroid cream), then go ahead and skin two steroid applications – either on alternate days or consecutive days. You be the judge of what you think will work for you.

Return to the previous regime and when ready, start reducing more of the steroid applications with increasing regularity as the skin barrier gets stronger and the inflammation reduces.

Once you are finally not using the steroid cream, continue to use your Moringa Healing Product a little longer, then put is aside, ready for TSW flares.

Treat flares with increased frequency of application. If you must, use the steroid cream sparingly, but you should be able to move through a flare without needing it.

If you’re not sure which product is the best for you – check the Moringa Healing Product Selector.

For people with TSW, or if the itching does not subside within 3 days, I recommend Moringa Healing Serum – the most active of the products (available fragrance free on request), and for maintenance I recommend Moringa Healing Lotion.

Every body it different. You are welcome to ask questions if you feel that would help.