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Moringa Healing Products

Moringa heals like no other natural ingredient. This Collection of Moringa Healing Products enables you to select the right product for you as follows:

  • Moringa Healing Balm
  • Moringa Healing Salve
  • Moringa Healing Serum

You will find more information on each product, and which is the best place for you to start further down this page.

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Baliba Aroma Oils
Baliba Aroma Oils
207 Google reviews
Yvonne Richardson
Yvonne Richardson
Have only started using this put it on eczema in ears as ND has helped this very quickly have yet to trial on a more sensitive area but so far impressive how fast it works for eczema and older skin keratosis
Deidre Waszczak
Deidre Waszczak
Magnesium Butter is a game changer Moringa healing balm is magnificent stuff. So pleased I stumbled across the website. Definitely was meant to be
Christine Longworth
Christine Longworth
The whole purchasing experience was friendly helpful and fast, and I LOVE the four oils I purchased.
Pam Hanley
Pam Hanley
Loving it so far.
Judy Gibb
Judy Gibb
Great communication from Julie. Fast delivery. Pleased with product so far but too early really to give review of results. Happy to recommend the company.
Janine Clement
Janine Clement
I've only been using the moringa balm for a few days but I love it. It helps with my itchy skin & eases the ache from varicose veins 😊
Heidi Andrews
Heidi Andrews
So far so good. This Balm works really well at reducing itching and discomfort from rashes and skin issues. Particularly good for an allergy type issue around my husband’s eye for which I purchased it.
Kate McKenzie
Kate McKenzie
Top rate service and products
Ady Whitson
Ady Whitson
Julie was excellent. Information given all the time

Select The Best Product For Your Situation.

Moringa heals and calms inflammation and itching like no other product. Most people will get immediate and lasting relief from Moringa Healing Salve, which contains essential oils along with moringa oil & shea butter. It calms and soothes from the moment it goes on your skin.

Some people have more sensitive areas to treat, or areas near eyes, which are better with the softer and fragrance free Moringa Healing Salve. The Healing Salve is also better suited to children under 12 or anyone with fragrance sensitivities. A higher level of initial inflammation will be treated more easily and quickly with Healing Salve, then managed with Healing Balm. Moringa Healing Salve has exactly the save ingredients as Moringa Healing Balm, with the exception of essential oils, and has a much higher balance of moringa oil.

For skin that is highly inflamed and crazy itchy, older people with larger areas of inflamed skin or very fragile skin, cancer treatment sufferers with super fragile skin and anyone with a significant histamine response from stings, bites or allergic reaction will be best served with Moringa Healing Serum in the initial instance.

Because the goal of all these products is to treat and help heal, many people will move through the layers, and keep the product on hand for flare ups and irritations – much like a first aid kit. The product you start with may not be the product you eventually keep on hand (but you will want to keep one on hand once you see how magic the results are!).

Finally, anyone who has had prescription based topical steroids for skin treatments may get flare ups as you withdraw from the steroid. Steroids break down the skin – leaving it vulnerable (which is why application of steroid creams can sting). We recommend you start shifting the ratio of steroid/moringa progressively in favour of the Moringa Healing Products to avoid the very nasty experience of TSW flares. If you do experience flares, just increase the frequency of application and focus on gut health improvement (I help with that – it’s easy to make small shifts when you know how th do).

Moringa Healing Products – Backstory.

Here’s the backstory for the  Baliba Healing Products.

As the Baliba Apothecary range evolved, and as my knowledge of Moringa – originally discovered in Rarotonga on a work trip with Jennie, who owns Experience Rarotonga and has been quite involved in  the development and testing of each of the products.

As I learned more and more about how almost all the 92 nutrients and superior anti-inflammatory power found in moringa are absorbable into the body through the skin, I started thinking more about inflammation.

Originally, I wanted to see if I could create a natural product that would help ease shingles – a horrible affliction I’ve had for decades. Ironically first experienced while working as the General Manager for a Pharmacy Group.

Shingles rise from nowhere. They make you want to scratch them and they hurt if you do. They also make you reach for coffee, chocolate – all the stimulants that feed them.

My GP gave me medication, which takes about a week to work and makes me feel sick.

Anyway, once the product had been developed, for the first time ever, I was looking forward to the next outbreak.

When that happened, I applied my test product and BOOM. It took a couple of minutes for the irritation to go away – literally no discomfort, no cry for more coffee, sugar etc. Two days later the shingles sores were gone (I think because I got on them immediately and didn’t feed them).

Next I sought out people with other inflammatory skin conditions, which took a little time.

Every single person reported a positive outcome.

  • A friend’s Dad was being driven crazy with itchy legs at night. He progressively moved from cortisone to moringa (actually with an oil version of this product). His legs no longer itch as long as he uses the product regularly.
  • A customer tried it on a minor infection that had not resolved wit antibiotics – it was gone in the morning.
  • Another customer uses it for dermatitis and gave it to her sister to use on leetch bites that wouldn’t go with antibiotics – there was a wonderful improvement overnight.

Moringa Healing Balm is proven to be effective on various forms of dermatitis, food allergy rashes, minor cuts, burns and stings. It even reduced leetch bites that medication was not effective on – overnight.

Quickly I discovered that there are inflammatory skin conditions everywhere, and that Moringa Healing Balm was universally helpful in easing them.

As the number of people using the Healing Balm increased, I discovered there was a need for a fragrance free, softer version of the Healing Balm for Sensitive places and around eyes & mouths. Moringa Healing Salve was created for this purpose. As it has increased levels of moringa oil, I learned that Healing Salve was a better product for people with more advanced inflammation (and for fragrance sensitive people and young children). Moringa Healing Salve is also great for shaving rash, rosacea and other facial inflammation for people who want fast effective treatment, without fragrance.

The third product – the Serum, evolved for one person in particular, who had very advance, large areas of extremely itchy inflammation and very thin, fragile skin. Moringa Healing Serum was ideal for her and was only for this one person until I had a histamine response myself that was so severe I went to White Cross for medical advice. 7 days on antihistamines did nothing. 3 days on Moringa Healing Serum sorted the itching and reduced the inflammation. Another 2 days resolved the problem. It was a product that simply had to be launched and is the most suitable for older, fragile skin, extremely inflamed skin – to the point of feeling sore.

We have yet to launch Moringa Healing Lotion – which is designed to maintain skin health alongside a positive gut health regime for healthy, happy skin. Watch this space for the evolution of the 4th and final product in this amazing range.

But wait, there’s more!

Moringa Healing Balm (and the similar oil product, which I present as a skincare product) is also super effective as an anti-ageing balm.

I use it on my hands regularly. It resolves those blotchy red spots that show through thin skin (they are actually broken capillaries), improves skin texture and literally rebuilds the all layers of the skin, improving both the look and the feel of fragile or thin skin.

Moringa is rich in key vitamins A & C – both skincare heroes. The balm also includes shea butter (itself an anti-age ingredient) and Vitamins B3 & B5 – for smoother, calmer skin. This is a fabulous combination for improving skin texture & firmness generally.

Moringa Healing Balm delivers literally the opposite of what cortisone does. Cortisone strips your skin’s acid mantle (which is why it starts to sting) – leaving your skin more fragile than ever. It’s not a good solution for longer term management of inflammation.

Baliba Moringa Healing Balm is a super-product that not only helps reduce and heal inflammation quickly, it also rebuilds a stronger, healthier skin.

The ingredients are 100% natural, and the essential oil blend smells wonderful.