Essential oils each have unique properties.

In this article, we table some of the properties for key essential oils and how they blend with other oils for different situations.

As you get to know the different essential oils, you will come to learn how many drops you need and how the blends are slightly different, depending on how many drops of each oil you use.

Essential Oils always come with drip control top bottles – because each drop is precious – and because you don’t want to accidentally overdose.

Once I poured way too much tea tree oil into a glass of water that I was intending to gargle with – and I ended up with an almighty headache for hours. Make no mistake, essential oils are powerful – and some are toxic if swallowed, so please pay attention to how much you are using and be careful to store out of reach for children as you do medications.

Essential Oils that blend with almost other oils

Frankincense – a relaxing an inward reflection enabling oil in its own right – is the amplifier for other oils that it is blended together with. Usually, these are relaxation focused blends. A drop of frankincense will cause the other oils to be dialed up, so remember this in terms of how many drops you use.

Lavender is one of the multitasking oils. It functions well with almost all essential oils in reducing anxiety, healing, calming, rejuvenating. Almost everyone has lavender essential oil in their kit. Interestingly, when used alone, it is very strongly lavender scented, but the lavender scent appears to step back when blended with other oils such as marjoram (for deeper calm or rest), mandarin (for worry and mental quietness), or with geranium for balancing moods and enabling a peaceful state of mind.

Sweet Orange enables optimism, positive thoughts and boosts creativity. It blends happily with almost all essential oils and adds sweet uplifting thoughts – it’s one of my favourites.

To start blending essential oils

If you don’t have much experience in blending oils, just start with two. Think about how you are feeling and what you may need and pick out two oils. Use just one drop of each. Wait an hour – essential oils are in your system within 30 minutes, then consider which of those oils you need to boost up – and add another drop (or not if you don’t feel the need to!).

This requires really listening to what’s going on in your head and in your body. It’s easy to do if you just tune in every day for a minute or two.

Once you start doing this, choosing your oils becomes much easier – they almost choose themselves.

Take a look at the table below – or download & print it if you would like to. It will be updated from time to time, so pop back and take another look if you would like to (we’ll update the table as the Baliba range grows).