The Science Behind the Feel Good Diffuser Experience – Negative Ions

Why is it that Diffusers, Aroma Oils and Essential Oils deliver a relaxing environment?

There is a science behind this. Getting away from it all usually means getting out to the smell the ocean breeze – or heading into the quiet of the countryside, a forest or even a meadow or garden larger than a handkerchief does the job in varying degrees.

Just a short visit with any of the above and an escape from the electronics can increase focus and recharge our energy levels.

Have you ever wondered why? It’s partly because you have made the decision to escape whatever has stressed you out or brought you down – but in fact, there is more to it than that. It’s mostly because doing this exposed you to a vast quantity of negative ions.

Negative Ions make us feel better, feel happier and reduce anxiety.

When an atom or molecule (molecules being groups of atoms) with more positive than negative electrons it becomes positively charged – described as having the presence of positive ions. Conversely, when an atom or molecule has more negative electrons it becomes negatively charged (holds negative ions).
This exchange of electrons can happen around us all the time without our knowledge – but it does affect us. In some cases it affects us profoundly.
A beachfront environment, or anywhere near a volume of water or near lush vegetation will be a negatively charged environment, while an environment with electromagnetic fields, electronics and non-natural substances such as nylon carpet and plastics will have a predominance of positive ions.
Environments with negative ions tend to result in a better mood, a high level of serotonin appears to be present, we are more cheerful generally, we heal more quickly and we suffer less from allergies and general infections.

In a positively charged environment, we sleep poorly, we become sluggish and irritable and we generally do not recover from malaise easily.
The cure for the positive ion attitude is to get outdoors, get near trees and water. Essentially, to absorb some negative ions and get some sun on our head and Vitamin D in our bodies.

People who are exposed to negative ions better are physically and mentally more robust. So, what does this have to do with diffusers and essential oils?

Ultrasonic Diffusers produce negative ions and release them into surrounding space.

Add a couple of drops of Sweet Orange and Geranium Essential Oils – maybe a splash of Frankincense (a favourite combination or calming and uplifting), and you have a profound mood influencing formula – just like that. What could be easier? Next time you feel the blues coming on and you can’t get outside, open the window, let the breeze come in, then plug in your diffuser and take a break from your electronics – it’s that easy! Our modern urban lifestyle replies on the very things that affect us by delivering positive ions to our daily lives. Microwaves, cellphones, plastics, non-natural fibres – all contribute to the energy-sapping dilemma, but it need not be the case.

A daily dose of being outdoors and near a forest or a body of water (maybe just a bath) – and a diffuser will help keep your mind focused, your mood even and your health in good balance. Try it! You may be surprised at how muhc better you sleep.