Ever wondered how ultrasonic essential oil diffusers work?

Take a quick look at this video! All the diffusers are slightly different versions of the same thing. Operationally, you open the diffuser, put water in the chamber, add your essential oils or aroma oils, then when you’re ready, you press the buttons – easy.

The thing that most people don’t appreciate is the power of the negative ions distributed in the cool vapour. Before you even add any oils, your day is about to improve vastly. Negative ions combat the impact of free radicals from electronics, pollution (physical ad mental). It’s like a secret weapon against bad hair days!

Intermittent vapour delivery and light controls – set your diffuser how you would like it to be!

You can now use the buttons on the front to set up your diffuser. One customer called me and asked for a pink diffuser and a blue diffuser, which had me stumped for a short while. Those colours can rotate, be set on a single colour or just a light (or no light). It’s pretty cool how you can have it however you would like.

The vapour controls also enable a longer lasting water chamber – you can set and forget. On intermittent vapour release, you’ll have up to 16 working hours on this model. Let me know your thoughts, and if you found this useful

This diffuser can be purchased from our website and is available in either light wood look or dark wood look. It is one of the most popular models in our range and so easy to operate!

If the lid does not lift off easily (this happened to one customer), you may have dropped some oil where the lid fits the base – just give the rim a clean with a solvent and rinse with clean warm water. You can actually wash these units with handsoap – obviously, you need to disconnect from the power source first and keep the electric plug-in socket part out of the water!