How do diffusers work?

Take a quick look at this video! All the diffusers are slightly different versions of the same thing. Operationally, you open the diffuser, put water in the chamber, add your essential oils or aroma oils, then when you’re ready, you press the buttons – easy.

The thing that most people don’t appreciate is the power of the┬ánegative ions distributed in the cool vapour. Before you even add any oils, your day is about to improve vastly. Negative ions┬ácombat the impact of free radicals from electronics, pollution (physical ad mental). It’s like a secret weapon against bad hair days!

Please note that the diffuser style in the demonstration is not available on our website at the time of writing.

Diffuser settings make a huge difference to your experience.

One customer called me years ago and asked for a pink diffuser and a blue diffuser, which had me stumped for a short while. Since then many people have asked ‘how do I get a green diffuser’.

All the diffusers have all the lights. you can select a particular colour or have them rotate. You can also have no light (or white light) if you prefer that.

To have the lights stay on as a night light, use an interval setting. To have the diffuser switch the lights off automatically, set your diffuser on continuous mist (which is usually the first settings, but not always).

Essential oil use with diffusers

All our diffusers auto deactivate on low water, so it’s completely safe to let them mist. When misting oils of any kind, the recommendation is to diffuser for up to 5 hours. One hour is enough for essential oils to fully take effect.

These are the things to be aware of with your diffuser

  • Diffuser keeps stopping
    • So, it can happen that you’ve got your diffuser on interval settings without realising it. This does actually happen a lot and it’s an easy fix. Almost all our diffusers go onto continuous mist with the first button press. Moroccan Sands is a notable exception – you need to select the 4th and final mist option for continuous mist for that model.
  • Hardly any mist is coming out and there is plenty of water in the diffuser:
    • You’ve probably overfilled it. Remove some water (carefully avoiding the diffuser’s air vent on the side of the water chamber & the electrics!).
    • If the water is already well under the full line, and your room is cold – try adding a little tepid water. Diffusers mist relatively more in a warmer, more humid environment.
  • If the lid does not lift off easily:
    • (this happened to one customer), you may have dropped some oil where the lid fits the base.Just give the rim a clean with a solvent or a damp cloth with a little liquid soap on and wipe off with clean warm water. You can actually wash these units with handsoap – obviously, you need to disconnect from the power source first and keep the electric plug-in socket part out of the water!
  • Diffuser mist switches off, but the light stays on:
    • The light will also deactivate if you have your diffuser on continuous mist. Easy fix.
    • If you want the lights to stay on as a night light, select one of the interval settings.