Essential Oils to Help With Sleep

Good quality sleep is essential for people, and when we lack sleep, we tend to also start to lack perspective – making us vulnerable to a negative spiral in many ways.

Here’s how essential oils can help.

Here is a rundown on the essential oils that can help restore balance and get you back in the good sleep zone.

As always, start with only one drop of each oil and increase from there.

Always mix up your sleep ‘remedies’ and this to the reason you’re not sleeping rather than looking for symptom cures.


Essential Oils that help with restful sleep and reduction of worry.

Bergamot essential oil

One of the citrus family enhances & promotes lightheartedness when things get intense. Bergamot is also one of the best essential oils for allaying minor anxiety, so if something is on your mind and you wake thinking about it, include Bergamot in your blend.

Lavender essential oil

A great all rounder and usually considered for relaxation, Lavender’s properties make it a necessary inclusion where anxiety has moved up a notch, where negative feelings of self-worth come into play and contribution of an overall feeling of being in balance. That out of control feeling that we sometimes feel in a state of overwhelm is debilitating when it comes to positive sleep patterns. lavender in combination with Bergamot is a great team.

Marjoram essential oil

Always on the team when comfort is required. Marjoram is warm, comforting, promotes deep restful relaxation and a feeling of being nurtured. Marjoram is commonly used where grief is at play – and that can be any type of grief from loss of job or relationship disestablishment. Marjoram helps let your mind get some rest, and is often teamed with Ginger in this situation.

Orange essential oil

Is the second citrus oil in this recommended mix, and is one of my personal favourites for sleep and for daytime. Orange has a natural exhuberance – a joie de vivre with a creative spirit. It is one of the essential oils that helps to open the mind to possibilities – and thus distract to a point from the negatives.

Frankincense also has a place in the essential oils for sleep blend as it adds a feeling of deep relaxation in its own right and amplifies the impact of the other oils.

Where balance is a factor (as in you feel out of control, things are out of perspective, consider adding geranium to your mix.

Consider the cause of the lack of sleep before considering the the essential oil blend.

Where despondence is creeping up the scale and particularly if you’ve sunk quite low in terms of your positive spirit, include one drop of ginger and if you feel generally negative and lacking in optimism, reach for Lime.

My own recommendation – being a chronic bad sleeper and insomniac (the best ideas usually come around 2am), is to spend an hour before bedtime stretching, perhaps reading if you can focus on a book, try to get outside if you can and move your body.

Have your essential oil blend diffusing at least 30 mins before you actually get into bed. It takes around30 minutes for the oils to be through your entire system.