Frangipani Lei Aroma Oil – 30ml




This scent, when I first smelled it, took me back to the best holiday ever – in Tahiti at Club Med Moorea, so I named it after that amazing week.

I went solo and just had a blast. You can read the full story below if you want to.

Frangipani Lei delivers: White jasmine, Frangipani, Plumeria

A full tropical experience awaits you!

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This aroma oil is a genuine tropical experience! The notes are powerful and true. Tropical flowers captured perfectly in an aroma oil that is just like a tropical arrival lei on arrival at a wonderful tropical destination. In fact, this oil is named after one such tropical arrival in Tahiti at dawn, after an almost 10 hour turbulant flight. Feeling half dead, we climbed down from the aircraft The scent of the frangipani combined with the beat of tomtom drums travelling over the tarmac in the half light was all but overwhelming. Such a memory! This Aroma Oil takes me back to that magical day.

Breathe in the alluring tropical blend of beautiful tropical frangipani blended with white jasmine and plumeria. There is no mistaking this heady blend of sensational tropical loveliness.

Tahiti at dawn is what you will be surrounded by. It's a delightful, sweet, relaxing scent.

Tahitian Lei is available in a wonderful three pack of tropical Aroma Oils for those who love the tropical experience! Also available in Room Spray & Reed Diffuser.

Aroma oils are available in a number of grades. In New Zealand we stock only premium grade, so the aromas are very strong - one drop only in a diffuser is required to scent a room. Aroma Oils are extremely good value when compared to other forms of scent. Aroma oils are made from a blend of natural essences and synthetic notes to create the perfect scent. The result is quite outstanding.

All aroma oils come in glass dripulator bottles to control the flow and allow you to dispense one lovely drop at a time. Enrich your home and enhance your decor with these stunning oils.

The Story Behind Frangipani Lei Aroma Oil

Fond memories of the best holiday ever!

Fond memories of the best holiday ever with my roomie Corrie from Hamilton – and the cute dentist from Christchurch in the next Bure over, whom we met at the singles dinner on day one.

A frangipani laced dawn, with the tomtom drums beating in the distance somewhere. We had a blast.

Club Med Moorea.

The woman sitting next to me on the 10 hour flight clearly had a fear of flying and it was a bumpy flight. She gripped her husband’s arm the whole way. I was pretty sure she would have gripped mine if I had let her.

We arrived safely, but we were all looking a bit green. We disembarked onto the tarmac at dawn. You could hear the tomtom drums over at the terminal and you could smell the glorious frangipani in the air. It was really a magic moment

It was heavenly.

From tired to uplifted – just like that.

The club med people were rounded up, and given a beautiful jasmine & frangipani lei – probably so they could count us and then find us again in the airport in case we wandered off. I have never forgotten that smell and the fantastic week that followed.

Best week EVER!

We went to singles dinners (and spotted the dentist from Christchurch), hired a jeep to drive around the island (yep we brought the dentist along!), went water skiing, drank SO MANY sundowners, danced, I think we may have climbed a few coconut trees. Just the best time ever, but sadly, only for a week.

When I left, the woman from the flight was standing in a lavalava, clutching a huge glass of wine, waving the bus off enthusiastically. Guessing she had a great time too!

I sometimes have to sniff the bottle to go back there. It works. Every time. A holiday in a bottle ;-). Take me there.

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What is an aroma oil and is it natural?

Aroma Oils are a hybrid between Essential or Natural Essences and Synthetic Fragrance Oils. They have the power of synthetically created notes but the scent of a natural product.

Our Aroma Oils should not be applied directly to skin and care should be taken to use only a small amount – one drop is the equivalent to six drops of essential oil.

Store in a cool place away from flames and keep away from children & pets – not to be taken internally.