Rose Petals Aroma Oil – 30ml


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Old Fashioned Rose Petals in the summer garden is what this lovely aroma oil smells like!

The classic and beautiful unique scent of roses in summer captured perfectly in this favourite aroma oil.

Bring the summer rose garden into your home, and enjoy its sweet gentle, calming scent.

Whether you like classic or modern – you can’t go wrong with the beautiful smell of roses.

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Sweet roses of summer!

Rose petals aroma oil captures the beauty and charm of the vintage rose perfectly – there is nothing like it.

Just one drop in an essential oil diffuser will fill your rooms with summery loveliness. Rose scent is known for its uplifting properties – indulge your senses, lift your mood and make your home smell simply lovely.

Aroma Oils are a blend of natural essences and synthetic notes blended into very true scents. Most are complex scents with layers of notes build just like commercial fragrances. The Rose Petals Aroma Oil is actually a very simple scent… it smells just like old fashioned roses in the garden in Summer.

Rose Petals Aroma Oil is available in the Aroma Oil range and as a reed diffuser (recommended)