Lavender Aroma Oil 30ml


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Lavender aroma oil is based on natural essences. The aroma oil is a perfect replication of lavender essential oil. Refined and sophisticated, yet simple and down to earth.

Perfect for adding to a diffuser to bring serene calm to any space, or add a drop to your body lotion to wear the scent of lavender all day.

This is an aroma oil – if you are looking for lavender essential oil – try our lovely French Lavender Pure Essential Oil.

A powerful, beautiful, unmistakable fragrance.

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Aroma Oils are a hybrid between Essential or Natural Essences and Synthetic Fragrance Oils. They have the power of synthetically created notes but the scent of a natural product.

Our Aroma Oils should not be applied directly to skin and care should be taken to use only a small amount – one drop is the equivalent to six drops of essential oil.

Store in a cool place away from flames and keep away from children & pets – not to be taken internally.


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