Freesia Aroma Oil – 30ml




Here’s your double dose of happy! Freesia Aroma Oil is the sweet scent of Spring happiness.

One drop in a diffuser is enough to lift your spirits, indulge your day and enhance your decor.

Don’t miss your dose of spring – lift your day with this gorgeous happy fragrance.

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Freesia Aroma Oil Is Your Sping Flower Hit!

If you need a dose of happy, here it is!

The freesia flower has the most uplifting scent of all of the spring flowers. So pretty, so light, fruity and happy. Your home will smell great!

Aroma Oils are a blend of natural essences and synthetic notes. They are completely unique, very real smelling oils – nothing like synthetic fragrance oils.

One or two drops in the chamber of the essential oil diffuser will scent your room.

Aroma Oils come in glass bottles with flow control tops to release one drop at a time.

Our Aroma Oils are all premium grade, which means less product is required to scent a room. If you are using Baliba Aroma Oils to scent soaps or candles, you will need less fragrance than with alternative products. Just one drop is required to scent even quite a large room, so your 30ml Aroma Oil bottle will last for ages.

How to use Aroma Oils

Aroma Oils are so easy to use. Simply place one drop in water – either in a cold vapour essential oil diffuser or in a tea light candle diffuser, and activate the diffuser. Aroma Oils are such an easy way to achieve a great smelling home, and this oil is the happy scent of spring.

Your Aroma Oil comes in a 30ml glass bottle (30ml). A dripulator bottle top regulates flow and makes sure just one drop is released at a time.

Wash your diffuser between uses with a small amount of hand soap or mild detergent and water to ensure a fresh lovely scent every time.

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