Ceramic Diffuser & Nebuliser

A very elegant diffuser – top quality combined with style, Romote control makes it super easy to use, but the buttons can also control diffuser operation.

The base lights up and mist can be set to whatever level you prefer.


Quality plus style – a diffuser that is perfect in any space. Ceramic Diffuser is a perfect gift and an elegant addition to every decor. The unit is small enough to sit almost anywhere, yet large enough to make a statement.

Easy controls complete the perfect gift! Almost everyone who purchases this diffuser returns for another one to gift to someone else.

ceramic diffuser nz

Ceramic Diffuser – White Base & Remote Control


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Waterless delivery of pure scent. The nebuliser can be set to automate delivery – seconds on, seconds off and dureation of delivery, it’s a set and forget – perfect for busy people.

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Nebulising Diffuser – The most pure delivery possible.