Water Soluble Aroma Oil Three Pack


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Water Soluble Aroma Oil Triple Pack

Get the entire range – three beautiful 30ml water soluble Aroma Oils in one set!

Water soluble ‘oils’ are made with different compounds to allow water-based products to enjoy the power of lovely scents without requiring emulsification.

They can be used in a diffuser, just like a standard aroma oil – and are ideal for nebulisers. Water solubles can be added to water to make linen or room spritz, used in unscented bath products or moisturisers – they can be added to any water-based solution.

Set includes

  • Plumeria Water Soluble Oil
  • Mandarin Rose Water Soluble Oil
  • Orange & Ginger Water Soluble Oil

To use in a bath, just add a few drops to a small bowl of water and add to your bath – the oils will disperse by themselves and won’t leave any oily residue after the bath is emptied. Also excellent for using as a pillow spritz (add a couple of drops to water, shake to dissolve and spritz)… or add a few drops to the watering machine water, spritz the kitchen bench, add to unscented shampoo or hand wash – it’s a lovely fresh true scent every time!

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Water Soluble Scents

Created originally for manufacturers of shampoos, bath products & water based cleaning products like detergents, the water soluble scents are remarkable. One drop lifts and refreshes.

  • Perfect for bath products
  • Diffuse in a standard diffuser
  • Spritz on linen and pillows
  • Spritz in your hair
  • Add to shampoo or liquid hand soap
  • Add to the ironing water
  • Add a few drops to the washing
  • Add to your cleaning spray to make surface cleaning a joy (and your house smell wonderful)

Take care not to spritz in your eyes and keep away from young children, store in a cool place. One or two drops is enough. If you add too much water soluble, the blend will go cloudy, but stay in suspension.

Not to be taken internally.