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Magnesium Body Butter

Therapeutic Body Butter has proven to be effective in easing:

✔️ Muscle stiffness

✔️ Cramps

✔️ Joint inflammation

✔️ Back pain

✔️ Spasms from injury-related soft tissue trauma,

✔️ Jaw clenching,

✔️ Irritable Bowel

✔️ MS

✔️ Rheumatoid arthritis

✔️ Bone pain

✔️ Phantom pain from amputation

✔️ Sciatica

Magnesium Body Butter 60g Intro Size

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Magnesium Butter with Moringa & Shea Butter – Intro Size 60g.

Get to know this beautiful product! A magnesium Butter like no other. Moringa extract and oil helps reduce inflammation in joints and ease arthritis, while magnesium eases muscle stiffness and ease nerve pain. Our custom 5-oil essential oil blend give the extra edge no other product has (and smells amazing!).

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You’ll love it first because it smells incredible and feels lovely when you apply it. You’ll want to never run out because it WORKS!

Magnesium is proven to be effective in easing muscle stiffness, cramps and nerve pain.

Moringa is unbeatable for its healing super-powers against inflammation – reducing the discomfort of arthritis and joint pain almost immediately.

Together with nutritious shea butter (in its own right anti-inflammatory)and our lovely five-essential-oil blend to help increase microcirculation, ease inflammation & soothe nerves.

Every inclusion has been for the properties of the ingredients, to deliver a superior product with superior results in reducing pain and improving sleep.

Baliba Magnesium Butter is effective in reducing joint inflammation & pain, back pain, spasms from injury-related soft tissue trauma, IBS, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, bone pain, phantom pain from amputation, and sciatica.

Apply directly & massage a small amount to the affected area to ease tight muscles and reduce inflammation in joints. Not to be used on broken skin.

Active Ingredients: Magnesium oil, moringa extract oil, hemp seed oil, shea butter, essential oils: ginger (increases microcirculation), black pepper (reduces muscle stiffness & helps ease arthritis), juniper (detoxifies & repairs injured joints and muscle tissue), lavender (eases rheumatic pain), frankincense (helps repair muscle tissue), marjoram (helps relax muscle tissue).

Baliba Aroma Oils
Baliba Aroma Oils
207 Google reviews
Yvonne Richardson
Yvonne Richardson
Have only started using this put it on eczema in ears as ND has helped this very quickly have yet to trial on a more sensitive area but so far impressive how fast it works for eczema and older skin keratosis
Deidre Waszczak
Deidre Waszczak
Magnesium Butter is a game changer Moringa healing balm is magnificent stuff. So pleased I stumbled across the website. Definitely was meant to be
Christine Longworth
Christine Longworth
The whole purchasing experience was friendly helpful and fast, and I LOVE the four oils I purchased.
Pam Hanley
Pam Hanley
Loving it so far.
Judy Gibb
Judy Gibb
Great communication from Julie. Fast delivery. Pleased with product so far but too early really to give review of results. Happy to recommend the company.
Janine Clement
Janine Clement
I've only been using the moringa balm for a few days but I love it. It helps with my itchy skin & eases the ache from varicose veins 😊
Heidi Andrews
Heidi Andrews
So far so good. This Balm works really well at reducing itching and discomfort from rashes and skin issues. Particularly good for an allergy type issue around my husband’s eye for which I purchased it.
Kate McKenzie
Kate McKenzie
Top rate service and products
Ady Whitson
Ady Whitson
Julie was excellent. Information given all the time

Better Skin Nutrition Means You Feel Better.

Baliba Magnesium Butter is different to every other product in that is includes ingredients focused in delivering not just reduction of pain-causing inflammation & muscle relaxation, but also delivers essential nutrients iodine, iron, calcium, Vitamins B3, B6 & B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin C & Vitamin A – all topically absorbable and bioavailable through topical application.

This is particularly helpful for people with gut inflammation, or longer term medication preventing effective absorption of minerals and vitamins. The skin is a highly effective medium for ‘slow release’ of essential minerals/vitamins to the blood stream on an as-required basis.

This doesn’t just help you feel better, it balances you, helps estrogen production and can help keep you calm. 

Essential oils have been selected for their various properties rather than their fragrance – and also contribute to microcirculation (in turn improving topical absorbability) and tissue health. 


Every excellent product should have a back story!

Here’s mine for Baliba Magnesium Butter.

The product we sell today is quite different to the original version (in a good way), but the base ingredients and the founding principles are the same: use natural ingredients for their properties, to create a highly effective product that works.
I’ve been a poor sleeper for decades – at one point an insomniac. Believe me, insomnia scrambles your brain. It’s not good. I once attended a meeting with my belt undone and zip open. I’d done the two buttons up and my brain signaled I was done.

One day, after a near head on crash…
…with a police car…. Yes, a police car… of all the vehicles on the road… it had to be a police car that I almost crashed into.
I attended a Sleep Rehab Clinic.
It didn’t really help.
My problem was two-fold – very stiff, sore back & neck muscles and joints from years of competitive running and an apparently over-active brain that likes to think things over early in the morning.
Turns out, there are a lot of people with both afflictions.
Coincidentally. it was around this time that I first started to learn about essential oils – more as a distraction from my job than anything.
I decided to do a massage course and added an aromatherapy option.
I was blown away by how much more effective massage was with essential oils involved & started the study more about aromatherapy.
What a journey then began, eventually leading me here – creating products that help people relax both body & mind, sleep more deeply & reduce physical discomfort.
Early in 2023, the first Baliba Apothecary prototype product was created – Baliba Magnesium Body Butter.
I took it to Rarotonga on a work trip with Jennie, who owns Experience Rarotonga and also suffers joint and bone pain. She found it to ease her pain considerably.
On that trip, we started a voyage of discovery about of the plants & herbs that grown easily in the Cook Islands.
Of greatest note was our discovery of the moringa tree (also known as the Miracle Tree – for good reason).
Moringa has 92 different nutrients – more than any other tree, plant or herb available.
This got me thinking.
What if some of the nutrients are absorbable into the body via the skin.
Turns out, they are! In fact MOST of them are.
This put a entirely new spin on product development moving forward.
I’ve been formulating skincare products for a long time, but this was my first foray into body products and the first venture into pain relief with naturals.
Moringa quickly became a key part of the journey and now has its own (amazing) product for healing. Efficacy of the magnesium butter went up another notch on adding moringa extract & oil due to the natural anti-inflammatory properties of the tree.
I consulted a cosmetic chemist, worked with some more ingredients – learned a ton, and eventually settled on the present formulation, which includes ingredients that no other product has in combination.
Moringa extract & oil, hemp seed oil, shea butter and a unique 5-essential oil Muscle & Joint blend (which smells amazing) for improving microcirculation, muscle relaxing, stress reducing and joint easing.
Baliba Magnesium Butter delivers way more than I anticipated, and I sleep better than I ever have…
It’s not an analgesic – the ingredients are 100% natural, but it takes the edge off all sorts of body pain:

  • Simmi broke her ankle. Baliba Magnesium butter worked well helping her through the pain of rehab (Simmi is a scientist, she couldn’t believe it). Now her work colleague uses it too.
  • Lucy has a back injury using the muscles to lock up and uses Baliba Magnesium Butter to help her get off to sleep. Now her Mum uses is too.
  • Nick is an amputee – and says the Magnesium Butter works better than anything else he has tried.
  • Angela has IBS & MS and finds the Magnesium Butter gives her relief from the cramping and helps her rest more easily at night.
  • Jennie has used it ever since that Raro trip, as does her Mum, who has joint pain and finds the Magnesium Butter gives her good relief at night, so she can rest more easily.

7 reviews for Magnesium Body Butter 100g

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    Jackie Gulley (verified owner)

  2. blank

    Sue S. (verified owner)

    Fabulous. I use this just before going to bed knowing that I will have a good painfree sleep.

  3. blank

    Lucy Woodford (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this product! It has such a lovely smell & texture & I always have a great nights sleep when I’ve massaged it in before bed. For someone who stuggles with oral magnesium, this is the perfect solution. I highly recommend!

  4. blank

    Jennie Ellis (verified owner)

    Thank you Julie! where do I start. Not at the beginning because this would take way too long 🙂
    I have multiple needs, from joint and body pain, sleep issues, muscle relax from hard but worthy exercise –
    Generally a relatively stressful lifestyle.
    This has helped all and I have recommended it to so many who might I add have all had positive results and they have recommended and so it goes on. I have stepped it up to the large pot.
    Cant do without it. Well done and I look forward to trying other products based on the real benefits I have received from the Magnesium Body Butter.
    PS the smell is fabulous!

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    Gillian F. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product & highly recommend it. I have been using the butter every night on my aching knees & hips. I have noticed a huge difference. I used to be kept awake at night with aching joints…not any more

  6. blank

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Such An amazing product, helps with so many issues from bloating, IBS, muscle pain and sleeping issues! I’d highly recommend this product, and smells good too! Thanks Julie!!

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