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Magnesium Body Butter

Therapeutic Body Butter has proven to be effective in easing:

✔️ Muscle stiffness

✔️ Cramps

✔️ Joint inflammation

✔️ Back pain

✔️ Spasms from injury-related soft tissue trauma,

✔️ Jaw clenching,

✔️ Irritable Bowel

✔️ MS

✔️ Rheumatoid arthritis

✔️ Bone pain

✔️ Phantom pain from amputation

✔️ Sciatica

Magnesium Body Butter 100g

(4 customer reviews)

Our unique blend of natural oils, herbs and essential oils helps ease nerve pain, arthritis, inflammation, relax tight & stiff muscles to enable better rest & sleep.


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Therapeutic Magnesium Butter For Tight Muscles & Inflamed Joints. 100g.

Magnesium Butter has proven to be effective in easing muscle stiffness, cramps,  joint inflammation & pain, back pain, spasms from injury-related soft tissue trauma, IBS, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, bone pain, phantom pain from amputation, and sciatica.It smells amazing too! Every inclusion in this amazing product has been for the properties of the ingredients, to deliver a superior product with superior results.

>> Magnesium Oil – to help relax muscles

>> Moringa extract – to help reduce inflammation

>> Hemp seed oil – a rich, nutritious natural oil with natural anti-inflammatory properties

>> Shea butter – known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties and its contribution to skin health.

>> Ginger essential oil – used to help increase microcirculation in muscle tissue.

>> Black Pepper essential oil – used to reduce muscle stiffness & help ease arthritis.

>> Juniper essential oil – helps detoxify & repair injured joints and muscle tissue.

>> Lavender essential oil – used to ease rheumatic pain.

>> Frankincense essential oil – used for muscle tissue repair and for its relaxing properties

>> Marjoram essential oil – used for its ability to help relax muscle tissue.

Apply directly & massage to the affected area to ease tight muscles and reduce inflammation in joints. Not to be used on broken skin.

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Baliba Aroma Oils
Baliba Aroma Oils
179 Google reviews
Gillian Foster
Gillian Foster
Love the range of essential oils and the Magnesium Butter is divine, it has really helped my aching knees and hips
Maria Ureta Soto
Maria Ureta Soto
Thank you for your kind messages. Yes, the parcel has arrived perfectly. I love the arome diffuser!!! And the oil is absolutely beautiful, too. I will be very please purchasing more products from you.
Tyler Fox
Tyler Fox
BEACH BREEZE - EDT - WOW! WOW! WOW! What an absolutely AMAZING fragrance your Beach Breeze is! It is SO GOOD!! I’m so pleased you turned the Diffuser Oil into a perfume. IT IS MY FAVOURITE SCENT. It reminds me SO MUCH of Penzine Beach in Wales! I just love the smell of walking on a beach in Winter, the rugged coastline and wind in your hair - well I have to tie mine back otherwise I’d look like Cousin It shuffling along. Not ideal, especially if you are walking on the path above the cliffs!! I also have the Beach Breeze Oil in my beautiful Moroccan Diffuser every night before I go to bed, I set it for an hour. It’s so relaxing & I’ve been sleeping really well lately. So I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!! Now I can have my favourite scent with me ALL the time!! I was in Auckland recently & went to try a few Tom Ford perfume samples. The actual perfumes are Ridiculously Expensive!! The Mark Up must be astronomical! BUT, I didn’t like them at all! (Even ignoring the price tag, they are just NOT for me-don’t know what it is but even the samples I have here at home, I’m not using as they give me a headache & make me feel quite ill. AND, I did manage to get a whiff of the TOM FORD MINERALE - The perfume Beach Breeze is based on - IT’S ACTUALLY A DISCONTINUED SCENT - And WOW! It was NO WHERE AS GOOD AS YOUR ONE!! Honestly, if you close your eyes & think of a salty coastal breeze blowing in over a rugged coastline, and then compare the TF fragrance against Beach Breeze - Your Beach Breeze is the winner hands down. It TRULY CAPTURES that image in a bottle! Even, the lady in the store agreed that your one was a lot nicer!! I just had it in my handbag, and she asked if she could smell it. She loved it!! But said, don’t tell her boss! So anyway I just wanted to let you know that.
Sophie Watts
Sophie Watts
Great customer service, very fast communication and amazing product! Julie was amazing to deal with and so helpful!
Rob and Ant Ellis
Rob and Ant Ellis
Great communication and love the diffuser!
Sharon Windust
Sharon Windust
As a new Baliba customer, I have to say I'm really impressed. I have had several follow up emails since ordering, welcoming me and giving the opportunity to learn more about the power of essential oils and aromas on our wellbeing. The aroma oils I ordered with my diffuser are amazing and powerful and truly change the feeling in the room and also in my tired sense of smell. The diffuser itself is gorgeous, I'm planning to get another for my daughter for Xmas. I have bought diffusers and oils before but Baliba somehow makes it a more special experience by offering a better understanding of the background and purpose of using essential oils this way. Highly recommend!
Raewyn Mcdowell
Raewyn Mcdowell
New to purchasing from Baliba. Customer service is above and beyond with Julie adding helpful information on my purchases. Thrilled with my choices and the prices - better than I expected with a huge range to choose from. Will definitely be a returning customer and thoroughly recommend visiting the site. Thank you Julie
Keely Marshall
Keely Marshall
Incredible customer service!! Amazing products (the fragrance oils are amazing) very fast shipping. Highly recommend!
Liz Wood
Liz Wood
So Happy with my purchase beautiful fragrance

4 reviews for Magnesium Body Butter 100g

  1. blank

    Lucy Woodford (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this product! It has such a lovely smell & texture & I always have a great nights sleep when I’ve massaged it in before bed. For someone who stuggles with oral magnesium, this is the perfect solution. I highly recommend!

  2. blank

    Jennie Ellis (verified owner)

    Thank you Julie! where do I start. Not at the beginning because this would take way too long 🙂
    I have multiple needs, from joint and body pain, sleep issues, muscle relax from hard but worthy exercise –
    Generally a relatively stressful lifestyle.
    This has helped all and I have recommended it to so many who might I add have all had positive results and they have recommended and so it goes on. I have stepped it up to the large pot.
    Cant do without it. Well done and I look forward to trying other products based on the real benefits I have received from the Magnesium Body Butter.
    PS the smell is fabulous!

  3. blank

    Gillian F. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product & highly recommend it. I have been using the butter every night on my aching knees & hips. I have noticed a huge difference. I used to be kept awake at night with aching joints…not any more

  4. blank

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Such An amazing product, helps with so many issues from bloating, IBS, muscle pain and sleeping issues! I’d highly recommend this product, and smells good too! Thanks Julie!!

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Mist distributes fragrance into surrounding spaces, but – more than that, negative ions in the mist neutralise mould spore and some odours, leaving a fresh smelling and feeling room before the Aroma Oil is released.

When using essential oils, we recommend 5 – 8 drops per water chamber.

When using Aroma Oils, we recommend using one drop only.

Diffuse on intervals as required for best results.

I have had an issue with tight muscles that my massage therapist & physiotherapist have been trying to resolve. I have been applying the butter on my tight areas & definitely feel them relaxing before I fall asleep. The last couple of nights I have fallen into the deepest sleep I have experienced in ages!