French Pear Aroma Oil




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Aroma Oils are a combination of natural essences and synthetic notes. They are completely unique and very real smelling compared to synthetic oils.

One or two drops in the chamber of the essential oil diffuser will be enough to scent your home. Aroma Oils come in glass dripulator bottles to control the flow and release one drop at a time. Keep in a cool dark place.

While Aroma Oils have a very high flash point, it is best to keep them away from flames, and from children.

Aroma Oils – Frequently Asked Questions

What are Aroma Oils?

Aroma Oils are a hybrid between essential oils and perfumes. Aroma Oils are based on natural essences – but built into amazing perfumes and scents. Many Aroma Oils are based on famous perfumes.

How much aroma oil should I use?

Each Aroma Oil is different in its profile. If you are using a diffuser, we recommend that you start with just one drop (the bottles all have drip control), let the oil diffuse for 5 minutes then leave the room and come back in to assess if you need more or not.

Do you have the stock ready to ship?

Yes, we do have the stock! Any product that is out of stock in Auckland is marked as out of stock or as back order. We only enter stock as back order-able if the stock is on order. 

We do not ever drop ship and we are located in Auckland.

Can you use aroma oils without a diffuser?

Yes, absolutely – almost any heat source will release the scent. Aroma Oils are designed to be diffused – if you use a tealight candle, use the candle only for a short time. Too much heat can change the scent.

How should I clean residual aroma oil from my diffuser?

If you are changing aroma oils and you have residual oil remaining in your diffuser (this can happen with some of the heavier oils), just use half a pump of liquid hand soap directly in the diffuser to clean it, then rinse carefully & you’re ready to go with the new scent!

Are aroma oils safe around children and animals?

Aroma Oils have the same cautions for use as essential oils due to their natural base. Around animals, avoid ‘hot’ scents with Ginger (Gingerbread, Home Sweet Home & Pumpkin Pie). Around children under 2, don’t diffuse strong smells in their bedroom as a rule of thumb. & use interval timers.