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Our Story

The Baliba brand first came about in 2010. I had two Beauty Salons in Auckland, and I was looking for scented oils to use in the Salons and as signature fragrances for the Spa treatments.

I had in fact been looking for some years when I first discovered the Baliba Aroma Oil range. I created the Baliba name, and sourced the products from America.

I brought in several Aroma Oils and was surprised to discover that they were head and shoulders above anything else that I had found to date. The scents were so real and so lovely that I increased the range over the following two years.

After a few years of building the Baliba Spa Treatment Menu, which involved a number of delicious Spa Massages, including the Bodhi Bliss, a Warm Stone Ritual and a Massage & Facial called Vanilla Dreams, I realised that the Aroma Oils really were something special.

From there, I investigated some other products available from the American Supplier – a scrumptious Foaming Milk Bath, a Shampoo, Incense and a Room Mist. All were sensational and will be launched eventually here in New Zealand.

I give you my personal assurance that the products you will find in this shop are of a high quality – if I do not love a scent, I do not stock it (although occasionally I stock a product that is approved by my fragrance testing panel.

I listen carefully to what people say and can introduce almost any fragrance thinkable. I hope you love the range – I look forward to hearing the reviews.  Julie x