I was looking for really natural scents

The Baliba name (pronounced Bally-Baa) is not in any way connected to Bali – but it is unique and kind of special, and very close to nature. Aroma Oils are a hybrid product – a combination of synthetic fragrance notes and natural essential oils. They smell real – because they partly are. They are powerful, because they are combined with notes and designed as multi layered fragrances.

My name is Julie Comber. I created the Baliba brand some years ago (Baliba is pronounced Bally-Baa). The products in the Baliba range come from different suppliers around the world and are locally branded. All of the Aroma Oils sourced from America and are premium grade. Our Essential Oils are sourced from all around the world and are 1005 pure therapeutic grade.

The Baliba brand first came about in 2010 when I was searching for scented products to use in my two Beauty Salons for signature fragrances for the Spa treatments.

I was not a stranger to the power of aromatherapy at that time and trained initially in Aromatherapy massage in 2000 – many years ago.

I absolutely love this science of well-being and have fostered its strength for years. Essential Oils have been a part of my life since well before training in Aromatherapy – I loved in those days before I had children and businesses to curl up in the sun with a herbal tea – or maybe a glass of red wine 🙂 and read my aromatherapy books, playing with blends. We didn’t have Facebook back then or even internet, so the information was published in books (and I must say was somewhat more authoritative than in it today).

The search for beautiful scents that were based on natural sources was a lengthy one, with many turns and many disappointments – until I discovered this range.

The very first Aroma Oil brought in was the Passionfruit & Nectarine – still in the range today.

I was stunned at how lovely and how true the scent was.

From there I tried different sections of the overall range, including flavoured oils, incense and bath products. All were absolutely excellent. We bring you only a small number of the potential range at this time – and we are working on range extensions for the future, and way of extending to Australia and other markets.

The sense of smell is the most powerful – scents and memories are locked together for all time. I hope to bring you happy memories with this delightful range!

I look forward to hearing your feedback on the products through product reviews!

Julie x