Mandarin Essential Oil 10ml


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Botanical name Citrus reticulata

Origin – Italy

Mandarin essential oil help reduce restlessness & worry related overwhelm.

Mandarian Red essential oil comes from the skin of the mandarin. Mandarin essential oil warms, inspires feelings of comfort and helps reduce restlessness and overwhelm from worry. This promotes improved sleep quality – and thus improves the ability to cope.

Mandarin aids digestion when massaged in on the abdominal area (massage in a clockwise motion).

Mandarin essential oil also acts has antibacterial properties.

Mandarian Red essential oil blends well with the following essential oils:

  • lemon & orange for an energy lift when spirits are low
  • lime – particularly in the instance of work-related stress or negative, stressful environments
  • ylang-ylang – particularly for a more restful sleep
  • geranium – for balance and a restful mind
  • frankincense – for deepened restfulness and relief from an increasingly agitated state


Mandarin Essential Oil (Mandarian Red)

Botanical name Citrus reticulata

Harmful if swallowed

Keep away from eyes

Store in a cool place

Keep away from children

Essential Oils are naturally occurring compounds found in bark, flowers, roots, stems, peel and other parts of flowers and plants. Oils are extracted from their natural sources using a number of different methods. Essential oils have therapeutic properties that can affect and enhance wellbeing. Some essential oils should not be used around pregnant women or young children or pets. Those oils will be clearly noted as such on this website.