Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential Oil Diffusers

Experience the difference an essential oil diffuser makes to your space.

Cool mist, almost always able to be set on interval timers to ensure the mist lasts longer and that your scent will last all day, makes the biggest difference to the room.

It feels relaxing & peaceful. An oasis of calm.

Try it for yourself. People are often taken by surprise by the difference.

Baliba Diffusers are a statement of style as much as they are functionally superior.

Set your diffuser to rotating lights, or onto one light in accordance with your mood – the colours actually help deliver mood to your space even without any diffuser oils or essential oils; then set your mist interval and relax!

All diffusers self-deactivate on low water and are safe to use around pets & children. People always return for another diffuser – and another. One is just not enough.

Important notes for using essential oil diffusers.

The humidity of your environment will make a difference. If your diffuser is not misting very much, and your room is quite cold, add a tiny bit of tepid water to the diffuser water, and the mist will increase (or warm the room a little).

If your diffuser is not misting at all, check if you have over-filled it. The water maximum should be below the maximum fill line. Try removing a little bit of water and try again. The diffusers do not need much water at all to diffuse for hours!

To auto-deactivate the lights as well as the mist, place your diffuser on continuous mist and both lights and mist will shut off when the water is low.

Create Your Beautiful Space.

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