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Nature Sounds Diffuser with white noise, pink noise & lullabies

Nature Sounds Wood Grain Diffuser

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Nature Sounds Diffuser is a high quality essential oil diffuser with multiple settings.

  • 300ml capacity.
  • Light Wood Grain base.
  • 7 coloured lights on rotating colours able to be set on a single colour or rotating through the colours.
  • High light, low light as a night-light or no lights.
  • Intermittent mist option for up to 18 hours mist time.
  • Mist timer function.
  • Auto-off on low water.
  • Optional sounds with volume control (or silent!)
    • White Noise
    • Pink Noise
    • Five nature soundtracks including waves, rainfall, forest & birdsong
    • ‘Shussh’ sleep noise
    • Two different Lullabies.
  • BPA free – 100% non toxic parts.

Kids LOVE to pick out their own sounds & colour at bedtime, but also suitable for adults.

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Baliba Aroma Oils
Baliba Aroma Oils
207 Google reviews
Yvonne Richardson
Yvonne Richardson
Have only started using this put it on eczema in ears as ND has helped this very quickly have yet to trial on a more sensitive area but so far impressive how fast it works for eczema and older skin keratosis
Deidre Waszczak
Deidre Waszczak
Magnesium Butter is a game changer Moringa healing balm is magnificent stuff. So pleased I stumbled across the website. Definitely was meant to be
Christine Longworth
Christine Longworth
The whole purchasing experience was friendly helpful and fast, and I LOVE the four oils I purchased.
Pam Hanley
Pam Hanley
Loving it so far.
Judy Gibb
Judy Gibb
Great communication from Julie. Fast delivery. Pleased with product so far but too early really to give review of results. Happy to recommend the company.
Janine Clement
Janine Clement
I've only been using the moringa balm for a few days but I love it. It helps with my itchy skin & eases the ache from varicose veins 😊
Heidi Andrews
Heidi Andrews
So far so good. This Balm works really well at reducing itching and discomfort from rashes and skin issues. Particularly good for an allergy type issue around my husband’s eye for which I purchased it.
Kate McKenzie
Kate McKenzie
Top rate service and products
Ady Whitson
Ady Whitson
Julie was excellent. Information given all the time

Nature Sounds Diffuser.

Designed for babies & young children, Nature Sounds Diffuser has White Noise, Pink Noise, and two different Lullabies. Let kids pick out their own sounds & colour at bedtime!

Volume controllable – or silent, and seven relaxing LED colours. Up to 15 hours mist. Suitable for adults & children.

Nature Sounds Diffuser mists for up to 15 hours as a standard ultrasonic diffuser.

  • Seven LED Lights, four mist controls including continuous or interval.
  • Up to 15 hours mist time.
  • Self deactivation on low water.
  • Interval timers to use with essential oil or aroma oil.
  • Optional nature sounds, or pink noise for focus, concentration & relaxation.
  • Lullabies & white noise for baby.
  • Power adapter 1.8m (included).
  • 100% toxin free materials.

All sounds are optional – of course, with volume level control.

If you are using essential oils or aroma oils, we recommend using interval mist timers to avoid over scenting and recommend using white noise & nature sounds during the day and standard diffuser mist (water only) at night. The unit will power itself off on low water.

Fine to use at night in a baby or toddler bedroom, with white noise but without essential oils (diffuser mist only). Avoid using essential oils in small and enclosed areas for babies, children under 12, and pregnant women.

The positive impact of nature and white noise!

Essential Oil Diffuser with optional Nature Sounds & White Noise (volume control and sound deactivation to give full control).

Ten different sounds (or no sound – use as a standard diffuser at night).

Set to your choice of 8 LED light colour (or set to rotate).

Self deactivates on low water – interval setting timings.

300ml water capacity for up to 15 hours mist time.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We recycle wherever possible, we pulp and recycle incoming cartons into wildflower seed paper, which we gift to our customers, along with a compostable Peat Pot - so you can plant our packaging and enjoy pretty wildflowers. We encourage you to do that outdoors to help bees find more flowers and deliver a positive, productive use of packaging waste. We call this the Baliba #FlowerPotProject

When we ship via DHL, we opted to make a contribution to carbon credits with each parcel sent in the Go Green programme, because we believe every effort counts.

100% Non-Toxic Parts

All our diffusers use 100% non toxic parts and many are made of natural substances (metal, glass, ceramic). Those parts that are plastic are non toxic ABS plastic, that is easily recycled.  ABS is used in toys, including LEGO blocks. Diffuser water chambers are made of polypropylene.

Shipping, Product Guarantee, Secure Payment.

Secure payment on this site can be made by Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, POLi secure bank to bank, or via LayBuy or ZIP Pay. We do not retain card details on this site - all transactions are completed off the site through secure payment portals. we do not ever see or receive your card details.

All diffusers come with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. If you have a concern about the operation of your diffuser, just contact us and we'll investigate, repair or replace. We give you plenty of advice on how to make the most of your diffuser, and we've sold hundreds and hundreds of them.

Delivery: We use NZ Post's Courier Post signature only couriers. These are (week days) overnight North Island and 1 - 2 days South Island. Rural Deliveries, while often meeting the non rural standards, can take up to 3 days. Courier to Australia take 3 - 5 days by standard courier, or can be door to door with DHL Express Delivery. Orders placed before midday are usually dispatched on the day of the order (Monday - Friday). People often comment on the prompt delivery.

If you have questions - any question at all is welcome. We are easy to contact (based in Auckland). We don't allow pickups, simply because we don't have a provision for this at our premises.

Ultrasonic Diffuser Technology

Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers use a specially designed technology designed to split water into microparticles – combining the oil and distributing it into the surrounding area on a cool mist. Because the water does not at any time become warm, the integrity of the essential oil or aroma oil is held, and the diffuser is completely safe around young children and animals.

Mist distributes fragrance into surrounding spaces, but – more than that, negative ions in the mist neutralise mould spore and some odours, leaving a fresh smelling and feeling room before the Aroma Oil is released.

When using essential oils, we recommend 5 – 8 drops per water chamber.

When using Aroma Oils, we recommend using one drop only.

Diffuse on intervals as required for best results.

The diffusers are gorgeous & so many oils to choose from. The emails containing additional information are a surprising bonus. Delivery is so quick & always beautifully wrapped. I’m so delighted to have discovered this site & Julie.