Water Soluble Aroma Oil 30ml


Water Soluble Aroma Oil 30ml

Water soluble aroma oils are excellent for diffusing, for addition to bath & shower products, to add directly to a bath (or a foot bath) for a lovely scent with no residue.

Water soluble oils are made with different compounds than standard premium-grade aroma oils to enable full solubility for all water-based products and can be easily added to creams also. Their zone of genius is in the area of linen spritzing (especially pillow spritzing – that is heavenly!).

On this page, you can select a single scent to add to your cart.

Choose from:

  • Plumeria Water Soluble Oil
  • Mandarin Rose Water Soluble Oil
  • Orange Ginger Water Soluble Oil
  • Pink Sugar Water Soluble Oil
  • Vanilla Water Soluble Oil
  • Coconut Water Soluble Oil