Very Sexy Man Water Soluble Aroma Oil 30ml


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Very Sexy Man

Water Soluble Aroma Oil

Very Sexy Man Soluble Aroma Oil is one of those scents that women buy for men – fully intending to use for themselves – an undeniable ‘nice man smell’.

Water soluble Aroma Oils are excellent for diffusing, for addition to bath & shower products – and in this case, shaving & men’s toiletry products.

Water soluble oils are made with different compounds than standard premium-grade aroma oils to enable full solubility for all water-based products and can be easily added to creams also. Their zone of genius is in the area of linen spritzing (especially pillow spritzing – that is heavenly!).


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Baliba Water Soluble Aroma Oils – use one or two drops and dissolve. Add more as required. Test before using in the bath and please keep out of reach of children. Not to be taken internally.

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Water Soluble

Mandarin & Rose, Orange & Ginger, Pink Sugar, Plumeria, Vanilla