Deep Rest Essential Oil Set


Enhance a more restful state.

This is the blend of oils for people who find it hard to stop and rest – high stress and mental activity levels, high cortisol levels due to a heavy workload, worry or emotional distress can result in facing mind, restless sleep, inability to focus during the day and the cycle is very difficult to break.

Deep Rest Set focuses on settling the mind, enhancing confidence and coping ability and enabling a sense of calm.

These things in tandem allow body and mind to settle into a calm and restful state.

This blend can be added to a bath an hour before bedtime – make the bath warm – not hot and use a heavy oil like flax see so the oils remain in the bath rather than on the top. Rest for 15 minutes minimum in the bath with your eyes closed.

Add two drops of each essential oil to your diffuser. Use your diffuser on the deepest mauve colour and allow your mind to visualise that same colour with your eyes closed.

This action of actively adding colour therapy physically and mentally helps to enhance the effect of the essential oils.

Deep Rest Set contains:

  • Baliba Deep Rest Blend
  • Baliba Sleep Support Blend
  • Baliba Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Baliba Deep Rest PulsePoint

Place two drops of each oil in an ultrasonic diffuser an hour before bedtime.

As required, add two further drops of frankincense essential oil.

To deepen the feeling of restfulness, apply Pulsepoint Deep Rest around your neck and shoulders, on the base of your skull & in the crook of your arms 30 mins before bed.

Essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. Keep in a cool place away from the sun and store out of the reach of children.

About Essential Oils

Essential Oils are naturally occurring compounds found in bark, flowers, roots, stems, peel and other parts of flowers and plants. Oils are extracted from their natural sources using a number of different methods. Essential oils have therapeutic properties that can affect and enhance wellbeing. Some essential oils should not be used around pregnant women or young children or pets. Those oils will be clearly noted as such on this website.