Essential Oil Diffuser – Pearl White




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A classic essential oil diffuser,

This was our original essential oil diffuser and remains a very strong seller in our diffuser range. The White Pearl Electric Essential Oil Diffuser delivers fragrance efficiently, is medium sized and super easy to use.

Just take the top off, fill the water chamber with fresh water, add one or two drops of Aroma Oil or 5 - 8 drops essential oil and press the button for hours of scent delivered on cold vapor.

This model has a 150ml capacity and will provide 6 hours work time.

The diffuser comes with NZ standard electric plug and can be left on safely, the diffuser turns itself off once the water chamber is empty. It is completely safe to use in bedrooms overnight to humidify or to act as an anti-decongestant, or in a living area to bring fragrance to your home. A scented home is a happy home! Enjoy.

Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers use a specially designed technology designed to split the water into microparticles – combining the oil and distributing it into the surrounding area on a cool vapour. Because the water does not at any time become warm, the integrity of the essential oil or aroma oil is held, and the diffuser is completely safe around young children and animals. The vapour looks like a fine stream of steam, but in fact is more of a cool mist or vapour.

The vapour distributes fragrance into surrounding spaces, but – more than that, negative ions in the vapour are able to neutralise mould spores and some odours, leaving a fresh smelling and feeling room before the Aroma Oil is released.

The vapour can also assist with reducing airborne bacteria, and thus can improve household health in general, helping to avoid coughs and colds. These diffusers are excellent in nurseries or around young children or pregnant women, but if using essential oils, please halve the amount of recommended oil drops in this situation.

When using essential oils, we recommend 5 – 8 drops per water chamber. If using aroma oils, please use only one or two drops. Baliba Aroma Oils are premium grade and are very potent. Aroma oils contain a blend of essential and synthetic oils and generally deliver a more true scent than essential oils – which by definition must be only natural essences.

Most of our Diffusers are electricity powered – suitable for New Zealand power sources, although some models are USB powered.

Diffuser units produce no heat at all and are perfectly safe to use around small children and animals.

Some lamps with vapour tunnels have coloured light options, but all of these can be either switched off or set to white light only – depending on user preferences.

Light options available for diffusers are a single colour, have the colours changing or have the light completely off.

Diffusers switch themselves off when the water chamber is empty, and run for hours on one small tank.

Essential oil or aroma oil scent delivery is extremely efficient.
Our diffusers deliver a great smelling home with negative ions and reduction of air-borne bacteria.

Water chambers and plastic components from our diffusers are BPA free plastic.