Aroma Oil & Essential Oil PYO Blend



The combined impact of the BEAUTIFUL SCENTS, with the therapeutic benefit of Essential Oils!

We are often asked – what’s the difference between Aroma Oils and Essential Oils. It’s simple. Aroma Oils are beautiful scents from a natural base, (and some essential oils) crafted into beautiful fragrances, while Essential oils are 100% pure extracts from plants with therapeutic and medicinal properties.

Aroma Oils & Essential Oils can be combined to create a really unique environment – all you need is a little knowledge of the properties of the essential oils – and to experiment to find your perfect zone.

Pick one of each and start creating your magical space!

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Aroma Oil

Honeysuckle Rose, Pumpkin Pie, Amber & Vanilla, Coco Mango, Colombian Coffee, Freesia, Gardenia, Home Sweet Home, Lavender Aroma Oil, Paradise, Rose Petals, Caramel Vanilla Spice

Essential Oil 1

Citronella (anti inflam, calming, mozzie repellent), Lemongrass (reduce overwhelm, burnout), Eucalyptus (cleansing, energising), Geranium (balancing, comforting), Ginger Root (optimism, positive energy), Lemon (cheerful, fresh mindset), Lime (uplift, increase positivity), Mandarian Red (reduce worry, ease restlessness), Peppermint (refreshing, clear thinking), Rosemary (brain stimulant, memory), Sweet Marjoram (warming, relaxing), Sweet Orange (uplifting, relaxing, creativity), Ylang Ylang (confidence building, warming, relaxing)