Essential Oil Blends

Baliba Essential Oil Blends

Our own Baliba Essential Oil Blends, created in New Zealand.

Essential oil blending is such a fun thing to do. I love that people love our blends. I work with the properties of different essential oils to create synergistic, therapeutic blends that also smell great. The Collection does change from time to time.

Using an essential oil blend is a fast and cost-effective way use your oils. Adding single oils to dial up or dial down specific elements of the blend is a great idea – especially in the interest of avoiding over sensitization. Best practice is to vary your blend somewhat over time, and adding different oils in the core essential oil blend really helps this.

Essential Oil Knowledge Base

When you purchase our essential oils and blends, you will have the opportunity to learn about essential oils and how to optimise blends for yourself by adding different oils when you feel you need to.

Essential oils are a wonderful way to lift your day, help you relax, or aid focus & concentration. Essential Oils are highly concentrated phytochemicals – not just nice smells, and their impact can be significant. Essential Oils should not be applied topically without a carrier oil, and they should not be taken internally unless advised to do so by a medical professional.

I am really looking forward to helping you learn more about essential oils and essential oil blends – please let me know if you have questions!

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