Mindset Reboot – Essential Oil Blend


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Mindset Reboot – Essential Oil Blend

Mindset Reboot Blend is a custom blend of essential oils creates to clear the air of negative vibes and replace the bad vibes with a fresh, positive and more creative space.

You know those moments when you feel you’d like an auto-eject button on someone’s chair – well, this should help.

Diffuse six to eight drops for 30 minutes or more, then put the diffuser on intermittent if required. If it’s a super negative situation, diffuser for an hour, ensure gaps behind doors are cleared (close the door to open the gap), then open doors and windows to allow full ventilation. This does really work.

The Mindset Reboot has other oils to enhance the environment as well as the ones to clear. It’s a fantastic blend to use on ‘those days’ and it does really make a difference!


Mindset Reboot Blend is a custom blend of essential oils created to clear negativity and enable positive mindset and clear thinking space. It’s been called Mindset Rebook because that’s what it does.

Instructions for use:

Diffuse 4 – 8 drops in an essential oil diffuser for 30 or more minutes.

If you do not have a diffuser, take a look at the diffusers available on in the diffusers shop over here.  All of the diffusers are suitable for use with this blend.

Essential Oils are naturally occurring compounds found in bark, flowers, roots, stems, peel and other parts of flowers and plants. Oils are extracted from their natural sources using a number of different methods. Essential oils have therapeutic properties that can affect and enhance wellbeing.

Some essential oils should not be used around pregnant women or young children or pets. Those oils will be clearly noted as such on this website.

Harmful if swallowed

Keep away from eyes

Store in a cool place

Keep out of reach of children