Using Essential Oils In Skin Care

Skincare Rituals using Essential Oils

Morning Ritual

Half-fill a porcelain bowl (or hand basin) with very warm water.

  • Add your essential oils or blend (4 – 6 drops total).
  • Agitate the water to disperse oils.
  • Submerge a fluffy flannel until soaked, wring well and apply to your face.
  • Cover your skin with the flannel and press the water into your skin – it will feel flush. This is termed compressing.

Inhale deeply through your nose while you compress

Repeat 4 or 5 times.


Senstive skin – use warm water.

See notes below on the best essential oils to use below (or use one of our custom blends).

Take care not to get oils in your eyes.

Evening Ritual

Half-fill a porcelain bowl with very warm water (you will need your basin for your cleansing).

  • Add your essential oils or blend (4 – 6 drops total). If you have had a busy day, add a drop of frankincense essential oil (see notes below on boosters).
  • Agitate the water to disperse oils.
  • Submerge a fluffy flannel until soaked, wring well and apply to your face.
  • Cover your skin with the flannel and press the water into your skin.
  • Cleanse with a natural unscented cleanser, using a different flannel
  • Repeat the essential oil compressing another 3 or four times

Take your time and relax through the steps while you unwind.


Refer to morning ritual notes & notes below on essential oils to use.

Warm Oil Mask Treatment

This is a wonderful rejuvenation treatment to restore your natural glow, using all natural oils, plus the power of essential oils. Do this treatment once a week. In a few weeks you will notive the difference to your skin’s health and radiance!

Steep two chamomile tea bags 10 mins or so before the treatment (so they will be infused but not hot. Retain the tea for your toning spritz and put the tea bags in a cool place until you need them.

Warm 5 -10ml of our Warm Oil Mask. (place it in a small bowl and place that in a bowl of hot water to warm the oil). 

Use a mask brush, foundation brush or pastry brush to lightly apply the oil to clean, dry skin on the face, neck and decollete in upward motions. If your hair is dry or brittle, brush some mask into your hairline.

Massage in briefly with light strokes – and add a little more if the oil absorbs immediately, but you don’t need lots for a positive effect. Little & often is better.

Get your tea bags ready – squeeze them out & keep them near you.

Relax for 10 mins, ideally with your feet up & the tea bags on your eyes.

Blot excess oil off with a tissue, then compress off with a warm, wet flannel.


Do this ideally once a week for six weeks minimum. Add any excess oil to the backs of your hands. You can wear the hand mask overnight if you wear cotton gloves.

Foot Spa Ritual

While not strictly a ‘beauty’ treatment, this foot spa ritual is amazing for anyone experiencing overwhelm, fatigue, insomina.

Follow the ritual for the facial cleansing above, but put your warm water in a foot spa (or a large bowl). Your feet should be able to be flat on the bottom of the bowl.

Add 6 – 8 drops of Deep Rest Blend & agitate the water before putting your feet in the water for at least 3 minutes. Try for 8 minutes. It will feel like a long time!

Next bring your feet out and dry them with a warm dry towel. s.

Add one drop of Deep Rest Blend to about 10ml of any carrier oil and massage it into your feet, one at a time.

Wrap a warm, wet flannel around each of your feet, then your towel around the flannels, so you have your feet in a coccoon.

Rest for a further 3 minutes before toweling any residual oil off your feet. If you do this shortly before bed, you could use Sleep Support in place of Deep Rest and put cotton socks on straight after massaging the oil on and leave wear them to bed.

Baliba Skin Rituals Range


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Essential Oils For Skincare

Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin essential oil moisturises, softens and helps strengthen skin. Mandarin also has a tonic-like effect and is clarifying – it is particularly good on congested skin. Mandarin helps with uplifting, calms a racing mind (and thus is excellent in both morning and evening rituals).

Add additional drops of Mandarin in the evening if you often wake and can’t switch your brain off.

Note: Avoid sun exposure after topical use.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot helps tonify & cleanse when it comes to essential oils. In general, Bergoamt is a go-to for uplifting and is used in almost all blends designed to lift the spirits, recover from feelings of sadness or grief – or just stressful situations.

Oily skin can be balanced by adding a drop of Bergamot to your moisturiser at night.

Note: Avoid sun exposure after topical use.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is a cellular rejuvenator, anti inflammatory, softener & healer in skincare and is a very common ingredient.

Lavender helps calm irritated skin, heal damaged skin and helps soften & rebuild cellular damage due to environmental & oxidative stress.

Lavender is used in almost every blend related to calm, rest, sleep, recovery – so it is not a surprise that it is also a key ingredient for skincare

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Along with Lavender, Cedarwood is used for cellular rejuvenation and inner cleansing. It is effective in restoring hair loss and in all skin conditions where flaking is present – including  scalp conditions and mild ezcema.

Cedarwood is used at times of of high stress and overwhelm, so it can be used in all of these rituals to ground you and help you feel calm & collected.

Cedarwood is in our Warm Oil Rejvenation Mask and is great for hair!

Lemon Essential Oil

Another from the citrus family, Lemon essential oil is the one to add to your moisturiser at night if you have broken capillaries.
Use lukewarm water rather than warmer water in this situation also.

Lemon essential oil is commonly used on oily skin to control sebum production.

Note: Avoid sun exposure after topical use.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang is the balancer for oily and combination skin. When applied topically in skincare, it balances your skin. Unlike the citrus oils, it is not photosensitive so can be used in the morning.

Ylang ylang is also commonly used to reduce feelings of anger, anxiety & hypertension, so is useful both morning and night and call be added to any ritual as required.

Avoid on inflamed skin. Be aware Ylang Ylang may cause you to feel a bit heady if you use too much.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium is quite a common ingredient in products that promote healing and cellular repair. Geranium also functions as a sebum normaliser, as an antiseptic and astringent – so is used in both oily & dry skin situations – teamed with citrus oils and ylang ylang for oily skin remedies, or with Lavender & Cedarwood for mature skin.

As an essential oil. it lends emotional balance, in particular, helping during emotional changes including menopause or times of high stress or distress.

Do not use on inflamed or open skin.

Benefits of Using Essential Oils in Skincare

When you make the decision to include essential oils in your skincare – either adding a drop or two to your existing regime, or fully embracing the essential oils lifestyle, you are also embracing all the positive virtues of essential oils.

Improved clarify of thought, reduced levels of anxiety, more restorative rest and sleep – it’s all waiting for you!