What are Aroma Oils – and are they different to Essential Oils?

An Aroma Oil – to put is as simply as possible, is partly essential oils and partly synthetic blends.

Aroma Oils are different to all other scent related oils in that they are created to capture a trueness of scent that is not often found in purely synthetic oils.

Aroma Oils are layered notes constructed in the same way fragrance is created.

In fact, some of our Aroma Oils are based on well-known fragrances – and they make sensational room sprays at fraction of the cost! Aroma Oils have a richness and depth of scent that synthetic oils do not have and are very potent at premium grade (which is what we offer in New Zealand).

Professional fragrance builders are involved in the creation and building of the layers of scent – adding base notes, mid notes and top notes.

This is very different to synthetic scented oils, which only have one layer of scent notes.

Essential oils are a different category again – extracted via distillation or cold pressing, essential oils are always sourced from natural sources exclusively and are generally from a single plant or flower. Essential oils are commonly used as mood and health enhancements, with acknowledged impact on the central nervous system and emotional states or stress or anxiety – more on that when we launch our essential oil range later this year.

Aroma oils have a similar benefit to emotional wellbeing because they cause an olfactory response in the body.

The Olfactory System is one of the most powerful in the human body.

Scents cause memory response from as long ago as childhood in older adults, and the memory, in turn, causes an emotional response. Childhood memories are often strongly connected to smells – the human brain is able to retain the smell longer than the memory, and connects one with the other to provide strong recalls after really long periods.

The trueness of the Aroma Oil scent does trigger the olfactory response, and thus – while not strictly sub-medicinal like essential oils, does have a profound impact on the surrounding area, mood and decor of your home and working environment – PLUS, as a bonus, it much stronger in scent delivery, so your oil will last significantly longer (about five times longer to be more exact), and the scent from each drop will stay around longer.


Enjoy every minute of your day with beautiful scents!