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Get Stuff Done Essential Oil Pack


Essential Oils To Help Boost Productivity.

Even when you’re feeling sluggish.

This is a unique group of essential oils, each powerful in its own right – and as a combination they leave all your senses in a good place, optimising productivity and positive energy.

  • Marjoram is relaxing, warming and nurturing.
  • Peppermint revives and adds focus and clarity of thought.
  • Sweet orange uplifts and increases the happy energy required for moving forward easily and positively and also boosts creative energy.

Just one of these aroma oils will improve your day. Use as a team to add zing!

Introduce the ratio that is right for how you are each day and enjoy the difference it makes.

Essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. Keep in a cool place away from sun and store out of the reach of children.

About Essential Oils

Essential Oils are naturally occurring compounds found in bark, flowers, roots, stems, peel and other parts of flowers and plants. Oils are extracted from their natural sources using a number of different methods. Essential oils have therapeutic properties that can affect and enhance wellbeing. Some essential oils should not be used around pregnant women or young children or pets. Those oils will be clearly noted as such on this website.