Paradise Aroma Oil – 30ml


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Smells like Paradise! I ordered this Aroma OIl as a wild card – curious to know what ‘Paradise’ small like, and what a star it has been.

Super pretty petals and hints of gardenia with all sorts of loveliness!   It’s a must-try for sure!

A lovely essence of everything that is gorgeous about slightly tropical flowers – a full bouquet of glory.

Birds of Paradise includes hints of Gardenia, but slightly lighter and smoother, with other lovely floral notes. Just lovely, but don’t take my word for it… try it for yourself!

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Birds of Paradise Aroma Oil is a unique blend of tropical flowers

Birds of Paradise Aroma Oil is so complex in notes that it smells like a sub tropical garden. A totally incredible beautiful scent. Light and fresh, soft and feminine. Shades of Gardenia with so many other lovely notes contributing, it smells so pretty – just like a bouquet of flowers, enriching and indulging the senses!

Birds of Paradise Aroma Oil is available as a Reed Diffuser, Room Mist (called Petal Shower because that describes the Room Mist perfectly) and in Soy Melts – or can be placed in an electric essential oil diffuser. One drop will scent the room. It is simply a gloriously happy scent.

Aroma Oils are a combination of natural essences and synthetic notes. They are completely unique and very real smelling compared to synthetic oils.

One or two drops in the chamber of the essential oil diffuser will be enough to scent your home.

Aroma Oils come in glass dripulator bottles to control the flow and release one drop at a time. Keep in a cool place.

While Aroma Oils have a very high flash point, it is best to keep them away from flames, and from children.