Linen & Room Mist Collection

Baliba Room Mists are sensational fragrances in their own right – a perfume to spray through your room, your hair, your clothes or on your pillow for sweet thoughts and happy dreams.

Baliba Room Mist range is a group of lovely aroma scents in a beautiful solid glass 100ml cologne bottle – delivering with each spritz a beautiful, lasting fragrance to your rooms – a gorgeous gift (or to keep for yourself!

People who would love a nice smelling home, but do not wish to invest in an essential oil diffuser should consider the Room Mist to be a suitable alternative. One spritz will deliver hours of scent.

These Room Mists are a true and wonderful delivery of top quality fragrance that people will notice and remember.

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  • gardenia-room-mist

    Gardenia Linen & Room Mist

  • Vanilla Dreams Linen Mist (Water Soluble)

  • lavender-ylang-ylang-room-mist

    Sweet Dreams Linen Mist (Water Soluble)

  • Birds of Paradise Linen & Room Mist

    Birds of Paradise Linen & Room Mist

  • plumeria-room-mist

    Plumeria Room Mist (Water Soluble)

  • room mist water based

    Pink Sugar Linen & Room Mist (Water Soluble)