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These products are all stocked in New Zealand and shipped to most areas within 3 business days. Buy aroma oil, diffusers and essential oils to make your place a beautiful space, create ambiance and warmth with light and scents.

Essential Oil Diffusers

You will find we have an excellent selection of diffusers – many are exclusive to us in New Zealand. We have an awesome range of gift sets too, where diffusers and aroma oils are combined in beautiful gift boxes – or economic multi packs combining aroma oils or essential oils with various diffusers.

Aroma Oil Collection

The Aroma Oil Collection changes regularly – we have over 20 oils and we are adding all the time.

All of our oils are premium grade – only one drop is required to scent most spaces, but some are stronger than others. Aroma OIls are a hybrid between natural essences and perfumes. They come in glass bottles to retain scent integrity and will last a long time.

Essential Oil Collection

Our collection of essential oils are sourced locally and from around the world. All are pure – extracted and bottles at the source. We also have a great range of our own blends and sets to allow maximum benefit at minimum cost.

Enjoy shopping our site! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Premium Aroma Oils

Aroma Oils

Essential Oil Diffusers

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Pure Essential Oils

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