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These products are all stocked in New Zealand and shipped to most areas within 3 business days. Buy aroma oil, diffusers and essential oils to make your place a beautiful space, create ambiance and warmth with light and scents.


You will find we have an excellent selection, some unique eyecatching designs of Diffuser that run for hours, some with remote controls and all compatible with the essential oils and aroma oils on offer. All the diffusers turn off automatically when the aroma oil or essential oil mixture has depleted.

Diffusers filled with Aroma Oil or Essential Oil compliments any space, and make great gifts for any occasion. There is a great selection of

Aroma Oil & Essential Oil

There is a selection of 24 (and counting) aroma oils to choose from, most availble in a 30ml glass bottle with dripulator for easily dispensing the correct amount. The aroma oils are safe to use in a diffuser around pets and children, but keep them out of reach (small caps and glass could be a hazard).

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