Raspberry & Patchouli Aroma Oil 30ml


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Fresh ripe raspberries – sweet and delightfully happy, partnered with earthy patchouli. This is a perfect partnership of natural scents

Slightly woodsy and hints of must balance the bright happy raspberry, this is a fragrance that hits all notes simultaneously.

Where sometimes fruity scents can become sweet, this one is perfectly balanced and blends super well into body lotions as well as being diffused.

Fruity, natural, woodsy & totally unique. This is a scent you will love!

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What our tester panel said about Raspberry & Patchouli Aroma Oil

I actually really like this oil I’ve had it going all day had several visitors who asked what the lovely smell was“.

Love it! Very sweet and reminds you of spring“.

Earthy & Sweet blended nicely“.

Rasp too sweet and overpowered the patch. good for soaps maybe”.

Aroma Oils are a hybrid between Essential or Natural Essences and Synthetic Fragrance Oils. They have the power of synthetically created notes but the scent of a natural product.

Our Aroma Oils should not be applied directly to skin and care should be taken to use only a small amount – one drop is the equivalent to six drops of essential oil.

Store in a cool place away from flames and keep away from children & pets – not to be taken internally.


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