Pink Sugar Linen & Room Mist (Water Soluble)


Sugar with spice (all things nice)!

Pink Sugar Linen & Room Mist features the water soluble version of one of the original and still one of the very most popular Baliba Aroma Oils. Pink Sugar Mist is sweet & feminine, with just the right amount of spice.

The 100ml glass Cologne Bottle is almost the perfect presentation for this happy scent. Mist it where you want it – bedroom, living room, in your hair or anywhere.

Our Room Mists are designed to be sprayed through any room and stay fresh for hours. Alternatively, they can be sprayed into your hair as an alternative to eau de toilette or perfume – a cost effective alternative! Spritz your pillows, cushions & curtains to create a space that will smell lovely for hours and hours. People notice a room enhanced by lovely smells.

Make your home smell great! If you don’t have an essential oil diffuser – or prefer not to use one, the Room Mist range is the perfect alternative.