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Himalayan Rock Salt Diffuser 500ml


Himalayan Rock Salt Diffuser 500ml

How pretty is this! The rock salt effect plus all the positives of an aromatherapy diffuser in a stunning 500ml model. Remote control allows

This diffuser has an amazing light effect – beautiful coloured lights rotate. It has a wifi music option and remote control to set it however you would like. What a perfect gift!

The diffuser provides a relaxing ambiance in its own right with the gorgeous colours and negative ions, add scents from essential oils or aroma oils and you have a beautiful space – that will definitely be noticed!

Super relaxing to watch in action. Switch it on and relax!

500ml rock salt diffuser works all day mist (or all night).

  • No heat produced – perfectly safe for children & animals
  • No BPA
  • High-quality engineering

We are proud to present this amazing product exclusively in New Zealand.



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Himalayan Rock Salt Diffuser.

This is one very cool diffuser. Petite base - 14cm tall & 11cm diamter.

Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers use a specially designed technology designed to split the water into microparticles – combining the oil and distributing it into the surrounding area on a cool mist. Because the water does not at any time become warm, the integrity of the essential oil or aroma oil is held, and the diffuser is completely safe around young children and animals. The mist looks like a fine stream of steam, but in fact is more of a cool mist.

The mist distributes fragrance into surrounding spaces, but – more than that, negative ions in the vapour are able to neutralise mould spores and some odours, leaving a fresh smelling and feeling room before the Aroma Oil is released.

Provides clean air for healthy homes.

  • When using essential oils, we recommend 5 – 8 drops per water chamber. If using aroma oils, please use only one or two drops. Baliba Aroma Oils are premium grade and are very potent. Aroma oils contain a blend of essential and synthetic oils and generally deliver a more true scent than essential oils – which by definition must be only natural essences.
  • Most of our Diffusers are electricity powered – suitable for New Zealand power sources, although some models are USB powered.
  • Diffuser units produce no heat at all and are perfectly safe to use around small children and animals.
  • Diffusers switch themselves off when the water chamber is empty, and run for hours on one small tank.
  • Essential oil or aroma oil scent delivery is extremely efficient.
  • Water chambers and plastic components from our diffusers are BPA free plastic. This diffuser has a metal base and top

Ultrasonic diffuser technology – how our diffusers work

Ultrasonic diffusers have a tiny reverberation in the base of the water chamber, which effectively breaks down water molecules and oil molecules – releasing a cool vapour into surrounding spaces.

A small fan in the unit enables an even release of the vapour, and intermittent release settings then enable a continuous release over the day (or night) for up to 16 hours in the case of this unit.

Importantly, the vapour results in increased negative ions – enabling a relaxing experience, much like being near a large body of moving water or being surrounded by nature – both also being excellent sources of negative ions.

Negative ions also reduce mould spore and freshen the air – leaving your home fresher, healthier as well as more relaxing.

Water chambers and plastic components from our diffusers are BPA free plastic.

Create a Profoundly Relaxing Space!

Ultrasonic Diffusers generate negative ions – which have a profoundly positive impact on the surrounding space. Mould spore and airborne bacteria are neutralised. The impact of positive ions from electronics and pollution are balanced and neutralised.

The mind starts to relax & feel free – much like the impact of being near the ocean. Add the impact of essential oils or the fabulous scent of natural based aroma oils & you have a space you will enjoy!

essential oil diffuser european style
  • No heat produced – safe for children
  • 100ml – 4 hours work time
  • Lovely relaxing coloured lights
  • No BPA


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Our products are of high quality. Occasionally one fails and if that is the case, we will replace it. In the initial instance, we require a photograph or video of the problem you are experiencing.

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