Black Cherry Aroma Oil 30ml

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The ‘Merlot’ of all Aroma Oils

Black Cherry Aroma Oil was added to the range as a special request from a customer.

I expected it to be sweet, but it’s not really. The scent is on the light side – not heavy, yet is full-bodied

It’s interestingly familiar as a fragrance – not easy to place and definitely nice. The scent is modeled on the American Bing Cherry – the one we get in bottles and use for cooking, so it’s not nearly as sweet as our red cherries, yet not tangy either.

It feels like the Merlot of the aroma oil range. It’s lovely, yet difficult to define.

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Aroma Oils are a hybrid between Essential or Natural Essences and Synthetic Fragrance Oils. They have the power of synthetically created notes but the scent of a natural product.

Our Aroma Oils should not be applied directly to skin and care should be taken to use only a small amount – one drop is the equivalent to six drops of essential oil.

Store in a cool place away from flames and keep away from children & pets – not to be taken internally.


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